Tuesday, September 29, 2009

wonderful life ++++

Salam and Hi :)
cannot make through several scrap site today
and still finding my mojo
so i did come out with this one...
hehe using paper from last grab bag by matahati designs

maha_sonature_pp05 copy

happy looking :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

joy of Eid

As Salam and Hi :)
uploading a lot of photo during Eid

enjoy ! going to work for now !

eid 09 :)

1. DSC05848, 2. DSC05786, 3. DSC05911, 4. DSC05917, 5. DSC05765, 6. DSC05772, 7. DSC06009, 8. DSC05954, 9. DSC06107, 10. DSC05890, 11. DSC06264, 12. DSC05985, 13. DSC06230, 14. DSC06268, 15. DSC05808, 16. DSC06231, 17. DSC05844, 18. DSC05753, 19. DSC06013, 20. DSC06109, 21. DSC05776, 22. DSC05754, 23. DSC05973, 24. DSC06236, 25. DSC05916, 26. DSC05760, 27. DSC06254, 28. DSC06250, 29. DSC05919, 30. DSC05876, 31. DSC06253, 32. DSC05790, 33. DSC05976, 34. DSC05803, 35. DSC05965, 36. DSC05987

see you later, muah2

no mojo for scrapbooking pages, yet !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eid Greeting to all Muslim

As Salam and Hi :)


have a blessed Eid to everybody !

we will be MIA from 18 - 25 Sept 2009

sure to miss you all here

have a safe and fun trip back :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

just 1 week.....Ramadhan will leave us :(

brother + sister + raya !!!

Hi :)
finally meeting you all here
i am so happy today
have some little time to blog !

here more CT works



both pages used
sept dsa featured kit - chit chat by shabby miss jen
the kit is DSA's Sept Featured Product

evakipler-alejandro-pp5 copy
Alejandro by Eva Kipler

arockwell-DSAgrabbag-paper (4) copy
DSA Grab Bag by Amanda Rockwell

maha_summerstroll_pp4 copy
Summer Stroll by Matahati Designs

School Days add on by Kitty Chen

these 4 kits are DSA the fix for sept !
grab it all here

i love my pages !
turned out so happy, fun and beautiful :)
glad that i can scrap mia n adam out ! haha

seminggu lagi nak raya ni.. semua persiapan dah cukup ke ? hehe

Thursday, September 3, 2009

imagine + play + dream !

Hi !

another quick post :) i missed writing stuff here
i am super duper bz with all things, as always
and love being bz than lazy !! ha ha

enjoy !

ftmt_cassidy_patternedpaper1 copy
i love this photo of my DD, Mia she wanted to play but didnt want to let go of her Dora...
using amazing collabs by
Cassidy by Faith and Miss Tiina

misstiina_onceuponadaydream_dreamypp9 copy
my DD with her dollie Dora
Once Upon A Day Dream - Collection by Miss Tiina

misstiina_summerfuncollab_paper1 copy
using FPD August hybrid collab

misstiina_iheart_paper4 copy
adam n lil mia
I Heart by Miss Tiina
FPD Speed Scrap on September 5th Free for participants

"salam bekerja untuk semua"

happy working !