Tuesday, September 28, 2010

you smile ; i smile

Salam and Hi :)

it's raining outside
yay !
Subhanallah very cozy
after a long hours of feeling so hot
nothing much to say
hope to meet you all again, soon



credits :
page 1 and 2
Bloom and Grow by Lindsay Jane Designs

Boo! kit by Ju Oliveira

enjoy !

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Malaysian Digital Scrappers (update)

Salam and Hi :)

i am updating list of malaysian scrappers, so far these are the girlies,
if you happen to be one of us of know your friends that involve in digi land,
please drop a line or contact me via FB or email :)
thanks !
(see right tab, ye!)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

hold on...

Salam and hi :)

my recent works
and more to come
plus another CT
will reveal about it soon

i hope you all is enjoying your weekend
with family or friend..
as long as you love being with them
that's awesome
we are very lucky
and there are others who not,
so be thankful
stay close to God :)

see ya !

photo taken by iphone, i had to make this one mini
because of it small resolution :) turned out cute, tho

photo edited by iphone polaroid application
she was actually ready to go to an open house

photo edited using flickr toy
our family last eid

credits :

Beloved Colors by Ju Oliveira

Fall Friendship by Faith True

by Miss Tiina
by Miss Tiina
by Miss Tiina

love and hugs !

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the joy of Eid 2010

Salam and hi :)

i love the Eid mosaic
thanks flickr for the tool
make it so easy
we were happy and proud to be meeting
Ramadhan and Syawal together this year
i love being with families
and looking forward to celebrate again next year
i was so happy that adam did his fasting so well
and i was so happy i cooked the meals mostly by myself
i was happy to look at my dearest hubby and kids liked it
very true that cooking do make your family closer..
and i thank Allah for your generous gifts of love
i was so happy i did not spend till i drop this year
i keep some saving
i do moderate spending...
hubby, adam and i eat healthy and lose some weight
i am so far of feeling skinny but i do hope i can stay fit
i missed Ramadhan so much..

and lots of hugs

My creation
1. DSC00618a-8, 2. ., 3. DSC00687-3, 4. DSC00687-2, 5. ., 6. DSC00619-2, 7. DSC00691, 8. DSC00690, 9. DSC00700, 10. DSC00702, 11. DSC00712, 12. DSC00710, 13. DSC00713, 14. ., 15. ., 16. DSC00692, 17. DSC00691, 18. DSC00667, 19. DSC00689, 20. DSC00688, 21. DSC00686, 22. ., 23. DSC00681, 24. ., 25. DSC00665, 26. DSC00663, 27. DSC00661, 28. DSC00651, 29. DSC00650, 30. DSC00649, 31. DSC00648, 32. DSC00647, 33. ., 34. DSC00637, 35. ., 36. .
Created with fd's Flickr Toys


using :
A Sunny Afternoon Kit by Loreta Labarca

thanks for coming

Saturday, September 18, 2010

sweet sweet love :O]

Salam and Hi :)

I missed my heart here
i love to write more
i am having a good time now
cuddling with kids
and watching some good Eid movies and all
my scrap buddy kak haniz
wrote about new beginner tips
come and read
and get yourself bz diggin in

now you have it
DSA's fix and featured kits
i hope u like it
and dont forget to get your copy of Sept Enabler
because my layout made the cover [ keke ]
and a lot of goodies !!

khartley_birdsandbees_pp4 copy

hazelolive_justbecause_paper (6)600


DSA Featured Sept 2010
The Birds and The Bees by Krystal Hartley

DSA The Fix Sept 2010
Laura Banasiak at The Digichick

DSA The Fix Sept 2010
Ashley Meek (Hazel Olive Designs) at MScraps

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2010 / 1431 :)

Salam dan Hi :)

Di kesempatan ini saya dan keluarga ingin memohon maaf jika sepanjang 'perkenalan' kita ada salah dan silap, salah tertutur bahasa, jika menyinggung perasaan seseorang dan jika ada sebarang kekurangan. Semoga kehadiran lebaran ini membawa keberkatan kepada kita semua. Semoga bertemu lagi Ramadhan yang indah pada tahun hadapan, insyaAllah.

Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi blog ini :)


kchen-WishesandDream-paper (5)600




credit :

Vinnie Pearce & Kitty Chen Wishes Dreams kit

4ever by Faith True

Angel Lullaby by Faith True

Slam Dunk by Lindsay Jane

Monday, September 6, 2010

counting days to celebrate....

Salam and Hi :)

a few more days
and we will be celebrating
Eid 1431




Little Scholar by Faith True

Astronomical Boy by Faith True

Queen Bee by Faith True

cant wait
to gather around
and eating hehe

anyway until we meet again
just finished few pages

going away to kuala bekah on this coming thursday
be away for about a week for Eid


Thursday, September 2, 2010

smiling back to you :)

Salam and hi :)

end week of Ramadhan already
and going to celebrate Eid at my MIL
time really fly..fast
as i am writing this entry
i am also polishing my assignment
and study for this week material test paper
hectic. in a silent way
weird me
anyway i am smiling
for everything so far
i hope i can be better than yesterday
dealing with life and work
mix and match roller coaster feeling
something is really not worth to share
so i shall stop here :)




credits :
Pink Crush by Lindsay Jane
Lime Crush by Lindsay Jane
Blue Crush by Lindsay Jane