Monday, April 28, 2008

off to go

i went to my doctor and got 2 days of MC, i felt really bad with heavy head, running noise and fever..after 2 days of horrible feelings i feels a little bit better today. My swap partner, Vaugnde (@scrapgirls) design this fun fun LO for me..

I did a 8.5x11 layout for Fliffy because in Malaysia its harder to get good frames for printed out layouts. I sent her the original already and she loves it!

I used: BVA SSLO Puzzled Ltr 16 pc KVE Sherbert Silk Mohair Green 5 photos that Fliffy sent to me Lauren Script Font Park Avenue Font Lansbury Font Inner Bevelling throughout the puzzle pieces
Vaughnde misunderstood me when i said i never print out my its ok dear. still i love it

here is my another Earth Day LO...mia~mia in action...i have such a talented model..ya...
credits : paper and element by LLIELLA (Allie Llacer) 2007, LOVER stamp by Michelle Coleman

credits : VanillaHush_ParisianLove_Paper06, VanillaHush_ParisianLove_Doc01,
CD_ SpringCaprice_Mat02, CD_ SpringCaprice_Stitch06, CD_ SpringCaprice_Tape01, staples by nathy
my return to Karen (@cinnamon designs - our april swap)

Friday, April 25, 2008

i am really sick...

i am so kids are nearly recovered from flu, fever, ashma...

now it's my time, i am having flu, fever, head ache and sore throat :)

please pray for me because i will be sitting for my thermodynamic paper on friday

oohh my. i have to go to scrap LO today..

my hubby also feeling not well, we was stayed up for 3 days taking take of my lil angels...

miss you, see you soon :)

have fun with mia~mia photo !

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rak for Vaughnde (Scrapgirls)

credits : after glow paper by Michelle Coleman, happy corner, happy ribbon green by julia Makotinsky, photos by dear friend vaughnde from oregon

credits : brown paper by Monica Sunshine; Evan, using fonts : DCWri, Attic, Synchronous

this is my other spring theme RAK for dear friend at scrapgirls
Vaugnde from Oregon USA, this is for our april swap, i hope she like it :)

i just love her photos of colourful plants :) i enjoy scrapping these LOs

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RAK from Karen :)

This is a Rak for Fliffy,(Hope ya like it)

Most Goodies from cinnamon-designs

Background Paper ~ Cardstock Neutrals
Ribbons ~ Ultimate Flat Pack
Flowers ~ Spring Caprice Elements
Stitching ~ Ultimate Flat Pack
Staples ~ Ultimate Flat Pack

String ~ Natalie Braxton {Swirly Whirly Strings}
Photo Mat ~ Birgit Kerr {Grab bag}
Taxt on a path ~ Natali Design {Playing With Text Paths}

Quote by Pamela Clark

Hi all, my cinnamon design's friend, dear karen is my swap partner for this month LO-swap
her work is so lovely and classy which i adore :) thanks dear, i'll make it up to you after
my exam tomorrow :)

[im loving it]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy EARTH day everyone !!

credits : papers, frame by vintagecharm kit [Megan Leeson] design, trim by Peppermint Creative

for the love of our earth
subhanallah and alhamdulillah :)

my kids are not feeling very well,
my final exam paper (fluld mechanics 1) will be on this thursday

please pray for our wellness and safe :)

join us for Earth Day layout contest at lovescrap

Monday, April 21, 2008

birthday celebration at LDD

credits : pattern paper by LBA_HullabalooPP4, silversword71_week4_wordstamp by LYDIA KURNIAWATI, AKSheridan_flower and AKSheridan_raffia by Amy Sheridan, loop stitches by Ami Collofello
check it out ! lots of fun !

Sunday, April 20, 2008

more of us....

with her oversized crown..hehe

credits : paper by (c) 2007 Whimsical Wonderland<< by Franziska Altmann - Tabriziaglittery wings by kimb designswirl border by janosch designcrown by VanillaHush_DressMeUp

credits : cloud paper by raspberry road designswhite frame by ellielashstitches by Adorable Mommy Kit 2007 - ScrapKut

credit : papers and emblishments by VanillaHush_ParisianLove kit

what will be most joyful moment ? for me, having her is one of them
i thank God for another Gift, Alhamdulillah :)
please be pray that she will be safe...through the journey of her life
being mum is the most exciting and challenging things to do
from now on everything i do, i priority will be on my kids
i have to make sure of everything and thinking of their future
adam dan damia are the most precious things that i have !
thanks dear hubby for your love and your companion :)

adam went for a week sleep over at his grandpa's
i missed his laugh and chit-chat already
i gonna call him tonight
mama missed you dear son :)
have a wonderful week ok ok !

this photo is taken at our laman..hehehe

credits : graphic from promise kit by shabby princess

Saturday, April 19, 2008

having a blast and HOT weekend

credits : Stitches by Julia Makotinsky
Frame by natalieBird_CLDBDAY__2
pattern paper and labels by Michelle Coleman, space woozies font

credits : designs/graphics by Miriam Lima/Limabean Designs from MAHALO kits ! love it

credits :All graphic images created by Julia Makotinsky

today (saturday) is tooo hot
and i am like doing nothing
just sitting infront of pc and tv
my kids are playing with each others
i am joining them !!!

what i will have for lunch ?
ermm thinking of buying some lauk
and just cook a bowl of rice... yum yum
maybe fried fish, curry and veggie will do..ohh a lil bit of sambal would be fun !!

and letting this beauty (my pc) to download my new spring caprice kit
and my 1st issue of digital artist magazine that i won for challenge at cinnamon design !
and i am stuck dealing with cinnamon template challenge *still figure it out :)

hopefully no disconnecting issue AGAIN :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

my eyes and my passion

salam and hi guys,

actually nothing much, i just having fun scrapping for theme challenges
and adam's babyhood photos...

my eyes started to hurt if i sit in front of pc for about 3 hours...

i so scared for my eyes bag looking so clear under my eyes..

any suggestion for taking care of your eyes?

this layout makes me feels giggly and goggle ... lol

credits : SCARLETHEELSmedia

credit : pattern paper by Mónica Guerra Leiria, yellow paper by Laura18k, butterflies sherriejd-butterfly fairies, doodle frame page empty templet by lisa awesome stuffs
font : stencil, times new roman, 2peas scrapbook

credits : vintage frame by ©2008 Amanda Heimann Designs,
pattern paper by 2008 by Designs by Angelica E.
staples by Joanna Cinnamon or Melody Drayer, wordart by elegant wordart2

enjoy for more of me :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

i've been tagged my dear nathy

credits : vanilla hush for parisian love

and i even scrap it out, lol

have fun every one :) looks for who that i tag !!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

when they share their love....

These 2 layouts are for challenges at scrapgirls :)
i am so happy that lots of my happy friends there love it !
See, when we share love and tell to others sincerely how we think,
it will make others happy and appreciated.
We should do a lot of love-to-see-and-give-out-positive-comments,
hopefully what comes from heart will be back
to other hearts too...

i really enjoy admiring scrap works because i know it is not easy to produce one.
When idea and creativity meets
something wonderful will happen :)

when do i find my time to scrap ? usually it happen everyday mostly at nights.

Thursday Challenge - April 10/08

the love i received :)

This is great, Fliffy! It gave me my laugh for the day. TFS

This is too cute! I love the way you layered your photo. Fantastic journaling and absolutely love the bright colors you have used! Thanks for joining in!

Scrapper Next Door
I love it, Fliffy!
I don't normally go for orange, but it looks great. Like your flowers too.

I love that orange and those flowers -- and I LOVE how the Sponge Bob cartoon is on in the background! LOL! Great LO, Fliffy! Fun journaling, and fun story!

The colours you choose are just fantastic! Bright, cheerful and light-hearted!

Love it Fliffy!

I love how happy your LO looks! Great colors and you picked a fun font. Cute Pic!

This is just too cute! Love the little suns and the bright orange that you used. It's so happy! Love it!

oh how cute this is!! funny conversation so to speak!!love the colors too.

That's so funny...and spongebob is on the TV in the background! Great journaling and colors!

Brandy M
Giggling here!! Great job!

Tuesday Freebies Challenge April 9th 2008

the love i received :)
Hi, fliffy. Your son is the cutest thing!!! I love your LO - the faded edges and the photo placement with the
flower frame. Your right ribbons are wonderful. Great Job.

This is darling Fliffy. I love the flowers you added. They go perfectly with the paper. The ribbon is a very boy-ish ribbon. I think it looks great.

That paper looks great on this LO! I just love the pic too - so cute. Great colours, just a very nice LO!

This is really cute, Fliffy! Your son reminds me of my nephew - we called him a Cookie Monster too! TFS

This is Fantastic Fliffy! I love it...the ribbon and the flowers just give it that added oomph!

What a great layout, and your son is just adorable. I love how you added the flowers to go with the paper and the ribbon is just lovely. Thank you for sharing.

What a cute little guy! This is an adorable Lo as well.

Adam is so cute! I really like the paper bag with the cookie monster title on it.

I love it!! Your son is so cute & what
an expression he has!! You did a great job
with the flowers & the paper. Really nice!

Fliffy, your layouts keep getting better and better. What a cute boy! Nice Job! (love the ribbon)

I have the perfect T-shirt for your boy lol it says "lock up your cookies" lol
My boy is too big for it now ... too many cookies
I love that LO and I LOVE the expresson on his face .. looks like someone was gonna try and steal a cookie and he got his "back off its mine gerrrr" face going on lol

Sherry Lynn
Fliffy what an adorable layout! I love the way you did your title, the journaling AND I love the way you used the flowers to frame that Adorable photo of Adam - what a handsome little guy, even if he is a cookie monster! Wonderful layout!

Another Cool Layout!
Like the Paper effect with the Journaling on it
Lovely Work!

have fun fun fun day every one :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1st RAK !

credit : paper by HEIDI LARSEN'S

i am totally blunt when hamy told me that she wanted to send me *RAK, hah ?
then, for winning challenge @ loverscrap i got this prezzie which i really like from
yatie !

wuuu huuu !!

i kinda love to start my very 1st paper scrap layout...
so i am gathering info and stuff to make my 1st move
other then that, i joined card-swap @ loverscrap
i am so afraid of making a-not-so-good card to them
so i must study about paper scrapping a lot more
hopefully others will help me out ~

thanks hamy for give out the meaning of RAK .. lol

*RAK : A random act of kindness is a purportedly selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual or in some cases even an animal. There will generally be no reason other than to make people smile, or be happier. Either spontaneous or planned in advance,

Monday, April 14, 2008

she is too adorable to look at :)

Hey, me again :) wanna share u my recent (not so recent, lol) scrap layouts for lil mia~mia that i like the most.
These are very simple layouts with close up photo that turn beautiful to my eyes. Sometimes simplicity really shows best ! Honestly, i dont have certain style of making out my layouts.

How do i do it ?
1. to select / open photo
2. have a serious look at it (i mean really serious)
3. do detailing - what the person wear, colors, background
4. what do the message that i want to visualize
5. then, i start selecting papers and embellishments - freebies of kits ~ it depend
6. i am really good at mix and match
7. one thing for sure - i like to experiment with colors..usually i adore bright colors and PINK for my dear daughter(DD)
8. i just simple cut out / crop to the photos - nothing really fancy, sometimes i just frame it, shadow it, soften the edges of give effect to the photos..
9. if i am happy - i usually save as my project as .png and jpeg. files
10. finally, upload them to my flickr (that i hubby gave it to my last year..1 full year account)
11. copy all the files name to give credits to the designer :) do ever forget that, ok

i hope i can share more :) thanks for reading

~ the layouts credits go to ~

mia~mia film strip :
paper_ornateand paper_scallop by Ami Collofello, SOL_clusterfreebie by Cinnamon Designs, Bloc_notes by kawouette

magical mia~mia :
paper by ksharonk, magical emblishment by Dale Ann Cubbage

fun faces :
shabby princess promise freebies

cute :
flora bow and paper by pameladigitreats
pink note pad and glitter doddles by Liz Pike
word art by mjbdigiscrap

Sunday, April 13, 2008

my son's birthdays :)

credits : stuffs from Miss Mint and Peppermint Creative, font called overexposed

credits : green paper by Boutique Cute Doll
lil flower and paper tear by Lorie - LorieM Designs
cuppies by Miss Mint and PeppermintCreative

journaling for 2nd birthday :
a night before his birthday
mummy went to hospital
and i gave birth
to a beautiful daughter
i am sorry lil guy
for not celebrating
your 2nd birthday
but honey,
i gave you a precious present
your baby sister
she is born a day before you
mummy already giving out
your birthday pack to your friends
the theme you’ve chosen

a lil editing will do

i just finished with my 4th tutorial for beginner (PS users) > here
i just too excited and wanna share you
what i do with mia~mia photo
plz check out if u like it .. lol really simple one!
and if you wanna show ur work plz get to me by email
so that i can show it in my blog

i hope it help a lil bit :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

for the love of black and white & a lil bit of pink

credits : all graphics from raspberry road designs

today is really hot day last nite a try this challenge at scrapgirls love being there so many awesome GIRLS
this is my entry for their sketch crop challenge actually i made 2 layouts :) too excited when its look lovely...

how's your day?
hopefully you are smiling right now
i already at my place
after traveling for 1 hour drive
from my mum's
hubby is here
spending his precious weekend with the kids
and of course with me
be back to KL monday, at 1 am

Thursday, April 10, 2008

~when i found friends~

i doesn't mean that i dont have friends in my real world
i just that being online and actually found amazing friends
makes me smile :) in front of my pc

really to share feelings, joy, happiness, sadness and admire each other work makes me feels
accepted and really involve in that i like the most, my scrapping time :) it become real for me

i admire all my friends at fotopages, loverscrap, scrapgirls, flickr, little dreamers, cinnamon designs and hopefully getting more friends at blogger :)

that's for now :) until then have fun everyone !!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the flower basket

i thought at 1st it was a DVD rewritable that i ask DH to buy, but then he gave me this lovely bouquet

i hope our love last forever

love you hunny bunny !!!

p/s i got a basket of flowers from him
he bought it at love
a really big basket full of flowers
he gave it to me last friday
i so so happy about that, thanks DH

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

things are ok ~

credits :paper going green 1 and 5 by Kimb's designs,
laces by Embell Lace Set 1 Special by JHI, ribbon by Michelle Coleman, stitching by shabby princess design

salam n hi to all,

i having a blast at home

resting and cuddling and scrapping :)

searching for new challenges and freebies,

spending a really good week at my mum's place
back at kampung (village)
my hubby will finish his last of semester doing degree in TESL
he will be back soon in mei for good
we will be together again :)

i just wanna share you this beatiful LO i made for us..

i am so blessed with kids and honey bunny (my hubby) of course

i am hoping that you are having a lovely time right now :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

3 winning in a row :)

i started digital scrapping last year
some where in june 2007 after my dear daughter born
before falling in love with it, i just having fun
doing digital collages of my dear son after he born in 2005
i still learn [a lot]
i join amazing forums and challenges..
and amazingly won 3 challenges in a nite :) [lol]
i have a really good time
when someone like my layouts
most of the time i using freebies
but one time i bought a kit [gift from my hubby]

these are the winning layouts credits :)

1st winning at little dreamer designs :
credits : lhabis_flutter by Lisa Habisreutinger, papers by Kelley Mickus,
flower n notepad by A Paper Flowers creation by Amanda Dykan

2nd winning at cinnamon designs :
credits : Vanilla Hush at (love headband)Cinnamon Designs (strips and word arts)
A Little Dreamer Designs creation by Michelle Coleman (dotted n cloud n paper)

3rd winning at loverscrap :
credits : shabby princess promise

what MOVED me into bloggin'

i really enjoy digital scrapbooking so much that i kinda addicted to it :)
[lol lol]
anyway i tried to blog before but i found it [too much to do] in one time

i hate it a lot ! after a certain time i feels empty to share and to tell about my
layouts and how i have fun with i have to do this again...
of course [blogging time !!!]
this is the time, during the semester break..i jumped into blogging again !
hopefully i can continue [the fun] of digital scrapping and blogging