Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Life now....


hi again
what a long break in March
now i am back
to share you stuffs
what's happening around me
hectic sweet lazy and crazy

1. i resigned from all the CT teams - i used to love all the datelines, but after some time i decided to go solo and scrap as hobby not as a job, no more... 

2. moved to our home - definitely our time and sweat to remember as we all moved to the new home, i am really buzy to get the house clean and organized and be minimalist is my recent more here

3. year 3 in studies really makes my old brain crack a little bit - hate study but i have to finish what i started

4. i adore life more - i am not so much into updating now, going simply blank in FB, twitter...what so ever... foursquare .... errr i not hate those things but it stress me out a bit to just log in that sitting there thinking...should i write ? talked to hubby about closing all of the accounts,,, hubby said let i do it for you,,, then...i said back... no no no..kidding...

5. my blog is becoming plain again... no more featured bloggers or article to write about... i just myself and talking about my life...

6. weight lose - still maintain moderate food to eat and struggle doing exercise due to finish housework and feeling drained later...i am fighting to lose more weight.... 12kg to go...

7. i am living the fullest at office... going out doing fun work activities...i am happy with family and parents... going closer to get to know life better and more...going to reduce time online since i really cannot benefit from these social networking... i really just enjoy to be every one's silent reader

i am feeling lazy today

until then, sweet diary