Sunday, December 20, 2009

hello blog, o my dusty blog :)

Salam and Hi,
i missed writing and sharing my works here
eventually hubby gave me some time online tonight
gonna keep up with scrap works
that i delayed due to some other work / life matter
how ever, keep looking down
i have awesome line up for your eyes and heart

life has been upside down and craze these days
i wish i have some sort of power to change
some thing what really bother my mind
He got plan and love me for that,
so i must keep my self awake and positive

i missing my mojo for a month now
it really weird
my mind is full with numbers, haha

the new semester is started, yesterday
i manage to wake up my brain
fresh start for sure

as for work,
i am enjoying my end of semester
students are already going homes
and we are ready to produce some results
i missed bowling..too

sparkling trail from vintage charm by matahati designs
stick note from VID (Very Important Date) by matahati designs
brown paper from Paper Pretties Stock by matahati designs
For Her kit by matahati designs
tape from it's a charm life by matahati designs
font : my underwood, FG Grayson
cintia tavares's Doodle Package vol 2

Our Family Circles by Jady Day Studios - DSA the fix December

All Aglow Add On by Traci Reed - DSA the fix December

Red Wine (add on) Kristin Rice - K Studio - DSA the fix December

Blueberry Delight by Joanne Bain Designs - DSA the fix December

ok dokie
c ya !! taraaa