Tuesday, May 27, 2008

previous challenge

here are my take for round 1 and 2 at godigitalscrapbooking
cant make it through to round 3 and 4
but hey, i am so proud of me.. hehehe
and i had fun all the way

credits :
spring bling kit by Christy Skaggs
-Cute layout, good luck.
-great extraction....he is a cutie
-I love the faded background colors . . . it looks great!
-luv the title and the wings you added to the little guy!!
-Very cute layout..good luck.
-Cute page! Nice extraction!
-I like how you blended the three photos together! Great way to use the dragonfly wings.
-Cute with the wings added to the extracted photo, GL
-I love how you have the wings behind the handsome boy! Great angle shots of the pictures! Good luck!
-wonderful extraction - great page and fantastic use of the dragonfly wings
-Very cute. Good extraction. Love the wings on him.
-Great Lo. Love the pictures
-Really great LO! Love the wings behind him - great extraction
-I love the way you've changed the background papers, nice work:)
-Fun pictures--I like how you framed them! Great extraction and fun idea of using the dragonfly wings on him! Great job and good luck!!
-Great layout. Love how the cutout makes him jump off the page and how he's got wings! Good luck!
-how cute is this - love the use of wings with the boy - and the photos and their placement at the top - really draws your attention to the larger photo at the bottom. excellent page - love it! good luck!
-Great page - love the wings!
-Great layout. Good Luck!

credits: all star kit by AmyLeigh's
-adorable photos, like the way you layered the star glitter and doodles with the bottom photo - Good Luck!
-What a cutie! I love the pictures! Love the layout! Good luck on Round 2!
-Very cute Rock Star in the making. Good luck in the round.
-I love your choice of font. I love pictures of babies pointing at the camera. I have some of my son doing that too and they are my favorites!
-Very nice pictures..good luck.
-Awesome photos and page!
-What a cutie! I love the pictures that you picked to scrap. They are definitely eye catching. Good luck!!
-Very nice layout. Such cute photos. Good luck.
-He's adorable. Could well be a rock star in making. Great LO.
-Too cute!! Love your layout!!!
-What fun, bright pictures to offset the lighter colors you chose for the background! Way cute LO! Great job and good luck!!
-A cutie! I like the layers across the middle of your page.
-Very nice
-Great LO love the stars and the swirls
great layout. Love the pictures.
-Haha! I see what you mean by being inspired by David Cook! The photos are awesome!
-He definitely has the poses down! Well done!
-I love the simplicity of this layout! It looks great and the photos really pop out at you!

Monday, May 26, 2008

exam fever

my students will be sitting for their final exam next week
good luck boys !!!

i am so busy and lazy for another layout..
skipping all the challenges
no time to sit up and think

ohh my,
maybe i will be back for more layouts
sometime in june
i will spending my holiday break for 3 weeks

we will postpone adam's n damia's birthday bash
for a sweet reason :)
still, we will go for a lunch outing..
adam asked to go to pizza hut..again

ermm..his 1st birthday was at pizza hut
so, why not...huh... [thinkin again]

have a fun fun day
ok ok

sorry for being soooooo lazy lately

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my layouts tell stories :)

credits :
paper n frames by [Megan Leeson]
love word n pink heart by Ellie Lash

my hubby finished his studies, and this is for him and for his love for us
i am so glad that having him beside me :) and it is the best thing ever happen to me in life
i love watching he laughing and playing with our kids everyday
he is such a lover and a companion !

credits : you! stylish lady kit by Wan Zakirah a.k.a MataHati
my 7 things, now u know a little bit of me
beside my 7 fav, i am know in my may semester
i have 3 more subject to deal with
so far my lecturers are very supportive
i score 3.00 for my 2nd semester
fuhhh so glad and i hope that i will maintain my GCPA

credits : sweet emotion kit by tabrizia
i had one of my old friend
came down to kuantan last 3 weeks ago
weekend sleep over to my place
she brought her digi cam
i snap this photo with her cam
ooo i just luv mia cubby cheeks !

credits : boy oh boy kit by twoboyz00
this photo was also taken by my friend's cam
he looks so hensome !
adam is being such a great boy
he learn fast and speak out
he is really polite and sometime so funny
last night he look up to the ceiling
'mama, that fan looks like helicopter fan but upside down!'
he is just amazing !!!

home sweet home kit by Amy Sumrall
this took this photo with my hp cam
we went home after picked up my hubby's stuff
in his apartment in Kajang
this is really special last trip to his place
that he rented for 2 years with his friends
while studying in UKM
we went to his fav. restaurant... bought sate kajang
i am glad to share you my stories

HAPPY SCRAPPING ALL ! xoxo luv is in the air !

fun fliffy ~ the one and only

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

busy days..

credits : Grandmother's Treasures kitCreated by: Lucie Battaini

credits : papers and ribbon by Wan Zakirah a.k.a MataHati, sticthes by Julia Makotinsky

credits : earth day by ourchivesscraps

hopefully everyone enjoyed their NSD celebration
i am too bz or lazy for another layout...
i made this one for scrapgirl (b&w and pastel challenge)
when to bed so early..
i had been so sleepy lately..
i am getting older....lol

hubby already finished his 3 years TESL
he is with me...now
maybe more LO for him after this...
i will work on the journey LO for him...

thanks for reading
i am so tired
i even dont know why
maybe this is my time to feel really
so i want to enjoy this moment too
hope that more LO from me

tata all :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

happy mothers day all :)

thanks Ida for the award..
i returning it back to all my blogger to visit me here :)
the award is officially yours ! *yup, you the one that reading my bloggie :)*
enjoy it !
( give it to youself, your friends, your mother, your siblings, your fan, just give it out. lol )

english version
my gift to you my dear friends who keep on coming to my little bloggie :)

malay version
credits : papers, frames, embelishments by Tiffany Berman (dandelion dreams)

LO for my sister
credits :
scrapgirls freebie>>> EHI_UpattheVilla_12x12_Special_1,
paper by kimb design
frame n flower n laces by Barbara LeMay

Monday, May 5, 2008

my recent LOs

LDD red and white challengered paper and ribbon by biancaG, frame by sunscrap, LMS_TheseLittleMomentsAlpha by Lisa Sisneros, overexposed font

paper strip challenge @ scrapgirls
credits : paper, stitches and flower by petit moineaux
paper strip by cinnamon design
frame by viviane
staples by ksharonkdesigns
slinked and rebucked fonts

my frens at lovescrap
credits : vanille-chocolat by july design

i learned a lot from you girls there : scrapgirls, LDD, lovescrap...

almost 12am..going to bed..nite2 everyone !! have a sweet dream

lovescrap NSD challenges..my takes

my 1st take on online crop (for my 1st and 2nd LOs) i did 2 LOs in 2 hours last saturday nite yatie is the host wow..challenging but..........[i like] here is my takes :
i won the 2nd challenge...yahoo !!

1st challenge :
3 photos, 3 embellishments, no 3, 3 pattern papers

papers and embellishment by by summer diggs ribbon by shabby princess, frame by viviane

2nd challenge :
2 photos, journaling on paper strips, 3 embellishment,5 buttons, 2 ribbons with different length

credits : flower buttons and stiches by shabby princess, ribbons by fernlili, paper strips and staples by Cinnamon Designs

3rd challenge diva's challenge : lyric challenge...i choose 'my baby,you' lyric...

flowers by raspberry road design, paper by Sharon Kenealy, doodles by AmelieScrap, wings by Lisa Sisneros

4th challenge : influence by fashion challenge by yatie

credits : paper by raspberry road design

the outcome ! luvly she...hehe
credits : stitches by Julia Makotinsky, plain pink paper by [ksharonkdesigns], ribbon by Scrapkut_BiancaG, frame by sunscrap, staples by raspberry road design

i am so tired and nite2..going to bed...i just love my last LO :) you are so sweet my mia~mia

our NSD party is over

it was a blast ! and fun fun days ! i hosted 2 challenges at our malaysian scrap forum..called lovescrap.
this is for our NSD party celebration...
congrats to the winners !!

1st challenge was 'friends become family' challenge..it is our forum theme...

2nd challenge was 'lovescrap' banner challenge... here was the take..thanks girls !!

Friday, May 2, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day @lovescrap

sila datang dan jumpa kami di sana.. 3 hari yang indah (2, 3 dan 4 mei 2008)
penuh hadiah, cabaran, permainan dan berjumpa kawan2!!


jangan missed out the fun ok ok !!!