Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my layouts tell stories :)

credits :
paper n frames by [Megan Leeson]
love word n pink heart by Ellie Lash

my hubby finished his studies, and this is for him and for his love for us
i am so glad that having him beside me :) and it is the best thing ever happen to me in life
i love watching he laughing and playing with our kids everyday
he is such a lover and a companion !

credits : you! stylish lady kit by Wan Zakirah a.k.a MataHati
my 7 things, now u know a little bit of me
beside my 7 fav, i am know in my may semester
i have 3 more subject to deal with
so far my lecturers are very supportive
i score 3.00 for my 2nd semester
fuhhh so glad and i hope that i will maintain my GCPA

credits : sweet emotion kit by tabrizia
i had one of my old friend
came down to kuantan last 3 weeks ago
weekend sleep over to my place
she brought her digi cam
i snap this photo with her cam
ooo i just luv mia cubby cheeks !

credits : boy oh boy kit by twoboyz00
this photo was also taken by my friend's cam
he looks so hensome !
adam is being such a great boy
he learn fast and speak out
he is really polite and sometime so funny
last night he look up to the ceiling
'mama, that fan looks like helicopter fan but upside down!'
he is just amazing !!!

home sweet home kit by Amy Sumrall
this took this photo with my hp cam
we went home after picked up my hubby's stuff
in his apartment in Kajang
this is really special last trip to his place
that he rented for 2 years with his friends
while studying in UKM
we went to his fav. restaurant... bought sate kajang
i am glad to share you my stories

HAPPY SCRAPPING ALL ! xoxo luv is in the air !

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