Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birdie Know-it-all contest :)

Salam and Hi :)
read it more here
Gis doing it again !

birdie know it all contest !<a href=

birdie know it all contest !<a href=

As promised!! Here it is!! The handcraft tutorial contest!!!

Please check out the guidelines and write me if you have any questions!!

(Los que hablen español y no entiendan las reglas del concurso, aquí están!)


  1. You must write a tutorial (only one entry per person) for one of the top categories, and publish it in your own blog, including in it images of you performing the actual tutorial (this to avoid tutorial duplications).
  2. Since we have an international jury, entries should be in english (or in the blogger’s language + english). Those that have problems with translations from spanish can contact me personally for help, I’d gladly will assist you.
  3. In the introduction of the tutorial post you must mention this contest, linking your readers to this post You can use if you want one of the contest banners.
  4. Once you have published the tutorial, you have to leave a link to it in the comments of this post.
  5. We will pick a winner based on the creativity of the tutorial purposed, and well as the clarity and presentation of it.
  6. All tutorials that enter the contest will remain linked from this blog under a section called Birdie “Know-it-All”, so make sure the post stays pretty in the blog And I’ll be redirecting readers to you guys!!


You have 1 1/2 month to enter this contest!! However hurry up, because we will take in consideration what people thinks of you tutorial! Deadline is December 15th, 2008!!


The prize list is bigger by the day, and we still have to divide the prizes between first and second place (so more will be posted on this soon), but you can preview here what you could win if you enter!!!

Need tutorial examples? - via CRAFT Magazine -

What Your Cute Monster Says About You

You are a giving, open, loving person. You truly want the world to be a better place.

You appreciate what you have in life. You are very content.

Your inner demon is sensitivity. You are very sensitive, and your sensitivity can be a double edged sword.

People think you're cute because you're generous. You are easy to love - it's part of your charm.

enjoy !!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

SM's comfort and joy blog train !!

Salam and Hi :)
Scrapmatters are giving out another huge train !!
and this is my portion for you all
just enjoy the moment of celebration

happy holiday to everyone
as for us in Malaysia :)
december is always rainy...
time to cuddle and hug .. lol

click banner to go to the shop !


i did a blank QP with card for every occasion and holiday
love the kit so much also

grab your present here and dont forget to leave some love, ya!

this is LO as same the given QP..hope you will have fun time hopping

next stop at
Monica @
full list @


more recent works..

Salam and Hi,
my hubby got the Celcom broadband
and it's still slow in downloading
hopefully our college broadband will be ok
so without any futher complaining
enjoy my recent works..

she is so sweet like an apple and flower too
Kelly's Apple Farm by Happy Scrap Girl Designs

Game on! kit by Scrapshana

my happy mia
Tickle Me Happy kit by erika zane

here is my big boy !
Game on! kit by Scrapshana

thanks for coming and enjoy the rainy season :)
oh so cold here

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

enchanted...and fantasy rules....

Salam and Hi :)
i still have problem with my internet connection..
i hope i will resolve it soon :(
these are layouts done during last weekend



Scenes d'Hiver by Matahati Designs and Faith True

Summer Blings by Matahati Design
Hang 'Em Fancy by Matahati Design



Erika's Secret Door kit *coming soon*


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

after work LOs (rewarding myself) wink*

Salam and Hi :)

I made these LOs to reward myself
for finishing to mark student's
quizzes, tests, assignments, tutorials and lab reports
wow just amazing for me to sit all day just to do it !
it really make my day and i am forcing myself
for not being procrastinator
yay ! happy me :)
i have also to attend 2 weeks course next week
so i hope thing will be settle so that i can enjoy my course :)
ill be creating LOs as usual during weekends
a really good remedy to my tiredness

images are clickable to the gallery



Kadoozie collab Kit by Amanda Kay Designs and Designz by Kristi

this kit is amazing, although we will not celebrating anything in Dec
but it already school holiday happy holiday everybody :)

ok untill then :) muah + hugs

last weekend layouts :)

Salam and Hi :)

here is my take :) my daughter mia spending time at poolside during our family day last time....enjoy !!
Fruity Freshness {Paper Pack} by Becky Vosburg, B~Creative Designs
Button Flowers by Becky Vosburg, B~Creative Designs
SKU bvos-btnflrs

mia is pretending to be cat...meowwwwwwww !!
Sunshine Everyday by Jeni hopewell

this is my mia again...she was spending time at the beachside...
Ever After by Matahati Design

adam and me chilling out at the park
last time at hubby's school family day
"Owl" Always Love You by ScrapShana

Color me happy worn papers by happy scrap girl designs
October Days Paper Pack by happy scrap girl designs
frame in the
in stitches frames by Britt-ish Designs
buttons in the
home sweet home kit by jeni hopewell

clickable to the galleries :) thanks for viewing

Monday, November 17, 2008

my adorable..

DSC01695, originally uploaded by [fliffy].

Salam and Hi to all..

i am so happy this weekend..
i was able to scrap a lot of layouts and doing posting to galleries
i will share with you all later :)

i have a good new :) yup !
i got the CT spot at Scrap Orchard
i will be working there for a month
and hopefully more than that...hehe
you all can view my work there at the SO gallery
link at the right side of my blog

i am writing from my flickr
this is Mia
i took this pic during hubby's school family day
recently at the rhu beach resort, balok
no editing in this pic...she is so sweet.....

it's 6am
i have to go..again
see you later

hugs :)

i read mangosteen blog just now and found out i received 7 awards from her.. thanks dear :)

i just love awards..dont you?

Some people believe 7 is a good lucky number.,,,and i love #7 so so much..i dont know why..hehe

1. Blogger Award for Amazing Friendship

2. Super Blogger

3. I love your Blog

4. I love your Blog

5. BFF Gold Card

6. Butterfly Award

7. Uber Award

i am giving out these FAB awards to my dear
ayong, haniz, lyndz, mass, milkberry, and kamalina-cakes

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

moving to round two... and so sad..

Salam and hi :)
i moved to round 2 at scrap orchard, hoorey !

and sadly
i cannot dload kits effectively for my current CTs
because of my slow internet connection...arrrghh
so sad...i scrap slowly these days
and hopefully i'll get smooth line soon
happy days !!

image below are clickable to go to gallery :)
thanks for supporting guys ! hehe



credits : all go to Feisty Kit by Ziggle Designs

take care, be back soon
have to keep up with life !

hugs :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

fun news to share :)

Salam and Hi :)

come on to Scrap Orchard coz they having CT call
and we have to do LOs on kit they give
for Assignment #1 these are my takes
its look fun and i just cant wait to share it with you all...
Good luck !!



above images is clickable to gallery..thanks

credits : June bugs kit by SO designers

go and challenge yourself (go to thread in the forum)

Little Dreamer Designs also open their application to become CT
read more here
good luck girls


Saturday, November 1, 2008

weekend Los :)

Salam and Hi !
i love doing LOs during weekend
to relief all those stress from works
i just love that ideas flowing like water...
i am so happy to finished all these pages
i hope you all have a great fun weekend

we will going outing tomorrow
my hubby school's is going to have family day :)
so today to complete my satuday..i have to study
i have final exam on the next friday
wish me luck, ya ! hehe

thanks for dropping by :)

retro jive by amanda kay

dreams do come true Kit by Brittney at britt-ish designs, high school never ends Kit by Brittney at britt-ish designs, Paper Shapers by Brittney at britt-ish designs

using color me happy by matahati design and jana m designs, spice up alphas by matahati design


A touch of cherry kit by Erika Zane, Sya's Blueprints - Going in Circles (Set 1)

becky vosburg's wicked sweet kit

so tweet kit by scrapshana

using autumn harvest by scrapshana

enjoy :)