Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my 2nd CT team officially on blog

meet my fellow CT of All Things Visual
we work our heart out for Kelly Mickus
the new blog arrived
will be fun fun fun activities there..sooner
so girls keep waiting ya !!

i am so happy being CTs
wow..amazing and fun fun scrapping time
knowing others with similar passion in scrapping
make my day bloom each day in front of me

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

her fun pages !

Salam and Hi :)
yup, o admit
girl cannot be scrap without pink !
love it love it again and again

Z did it again !
beside of her fun kits
her alphas are awesome and fun
visit her shop >> clickable to the shop

to remember her cute and sweet faces
credits : elements and papers in the dont bugged me kit by TammyKat Designs. template by design by rhonda design and stitched paper bag alphas by matahati design

to remember the 1st birthday choc cake
credits : Stitched Paper Bag alpha by matahati, papers n elements from ever after kit by matahati, template by syapotter

look, my desktop turned into fun fun fun wallpaper...mia~mia

have fun (i received another fun news today,hehe)
i will share it soon ok ok


Salam and Hi :)
nothing much to say
just a simple I LOVE YOU

my dear lovescrap buddy inaa
she is a very talented paper n digi scrapper,
gave me these award last week
i got the brillante award for the 2nd time
the 1st copy is given to me by mr rizal

thanks a lot dear
very nice of you

i am giving out these awards to who is reading my little blog right now
enjoy sharing, ya !!
i am breaking the rule ! hehe
because i love you ~

credits: little star kit by AmyLeigh's Designs.

credits : everything go to lil loving kit by kelly mickus

credits : elements, papers from Josie Kit by Calalily Design

Sunday, July 27, 2008

they are sweethearts [- v -]

Salam and Hi !
my weekend went so fast
my body and mind is so exhausted
but i was having fun creating LOs last night
as usual, on saturday and sunday
i was stucked at my lecture
my health is recovered with a lil bit of cough

adam n mia switch their
adam is having flu from mia
mia is having fever from adam
hopefully they will be ok ok soon :)

i have some other things to finish out
my card project isn't finish yet..
i am too tired to sit and do some cutting..
hopefully i will get my cutting mood
i have a few swap to give out ~ mas, ina, nana
all the thing are ready (accept the cards)
i want to give the swap stuff by the end of this month

august is coming by
oohh i wil be bz in august
insyaAllah will be attending hubby's convo
concentrating on the atc swap by mr rizal
i have 2 tests on 9th - ooohh my

last but not least, enjoy ~

these LOs are created for Kelly >> clickable to her shop
her amazing kits are fantastic
with lots of fun to offer
i just love it and keep scrapping for more :)

credits : papers and elements in the One Fine Day Kit by Kelly Mickus, template by feifei

credits : everything from the Rugged Kit by Kelly Mickus

credits : papers and elements in the Renewal Kit by Kelly Mickus

Thursday, July 24, 2008

he and she

Salam n hi :)
i just woke up from a long sleep hours
got my MC leave today
i went to clinic at 8am after sent over the kids..
took my meds and sleep through the day

after arrived from work my DH picked up the kids from nanny's house
and bought me a really nice chicken rice with soup..yummy
thanks hunny bunny
i had a deep head ache with flu and fever with a sore throat..
adam n mia also having the same problem..
hopefully they will getting better tomorrow :)

i am feeling a lil bit better tonight..with a heavy head..

~~ enjoy another LOs project..thanks for leaving some love and looking ~~

this photo is taken when adam was 1 year++ at Kemasik Beach in Terengganu
credits : everything from the collaboration Boys of Summer Kit by Cuppycake Digital Designs - Rachel Freer, Mhulshoff, Elizabeth Suarez and Matahati

mia is having fun when riding her brother's bike
credits : elements, papers, alphas of The Wild Thing Kit by Kelly Mickus

adam and Mr Pooh bear
credits : papers, elements, alpha, frame of the Kid Stuff Kit by Kelly Mickus

busy girl
mia read my scrapbooking etc
credits : papers and elements in the One Fine Day Kit by Kelly Mickus and scallop frame by Sunscrap

have a fun fun day everybody !!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my 2nd CT : creating for Kelly Mickus

Salam and Hi to all :)
last week i received another fun news
i applied to be in Kelly 's Creative Team
and glad that i made it through
she also have a very fun kits to work with
this is my 1st LO of the Sweet Life kit
i really love creating this particular Lo
it turned so sweet !
mia~mia and babah

credits : papers and elements from The Sweet Life Kit by Kelly Mickus

mia is not feeling really well
last night she cannot sleep because of sore throat..
plz pray that she will be ok :)

due from that, i missed doing my 3rd challenge at lovescrap..
hopefully i will be ready for paper scrap challenge 4 soon

Monday, July 21, 2008

imagine and learn ....

Salam and Hi
I finally get my moojoo today
(while waiting for a kit to finish downloading)
scrap out the fun moments of my mia
she always be my motivation
she smiles and love to laugh a lot
she is sometimes love to scream out of something she wants badly
i just love to smell her hair..ermm so relaxing
she already sleeping
with dear brother side to side and babah also
i really a lucky mummy
to have a sweet child like her
sometime we have to imagine things
imagine to become a child again..
think like a child again..
so pure and innocent
the most amazing gift from Him
just to feel being a child
let's imagine..we shall smile :)

credits : JHE_CreativeVoice4_Quote2, paper and overlay by Tabbycat deaign, flowers by july design, glitters, white frame and wire by matahati design

credits : everything from Summer Sparkles Kit by Sweet Genevieve Design in DAM July 08

credits : nathy's hanging frame and staples of Spring Caprice Kit and elements & papers of Naturally Kit by Bren Boone Design

before i discover digital scrapbooking...

i really tired tonight
no mood for another layout..
so i went to my flickr and dig out old memories there
i discover another fun side of me
before i felt in love with digital scrapbooking
i love to do photo collage
this is time when i had adam..
ermm i am in love with him
from the beginning

he is so concentrated in what he build

he was having fun at my netball match

slluurpp..with his ultraman hair-do

at home..
withphone copy

nite ~ nite

Sunday, July 20, 2008

im back and Tagged

salam n Hi to all :)
im back from kampung
my MIL is really in good health
adam n mia having fun chatting and laughing around her
it was rainy days in terengganu
we arrived home at 5.30 pm

before i forget..i've been tagged by dear Lina

thanks dear !!


The mighty Genie King and the beautiful Genie Princess from the magical Land of Faraway are back! Upon escaping the clutches of their Evil Master after being held captive for 1000 years, the magical genies have been busy flying on their Magical Flying Carpet, granting wishes and spreading love throughout the blogosphere.
And now, the genies are back with a special gift for everyone! Behold the sacred, Magic Lamp of Luck! With this magic lamp, your blog will enjoy much good luck and fortune, warding off all things evil lurking around in the blogosphere. We would like to share this magic lamp with you so please pass on the Magic Lamp of Luck to those in need of some good luck. Remember, do not be greedy or unkind, evil or vengeful and good luck & fortune will always be with you! Join us on another exciting magical adventure as we spread goodwill and good luck to one and all!

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easy and plz continue the list, i am tagging : ina and mr rizal

Friday, July 18, 2008

back to MIL's home [' v ']


elements and papers of - in the greens kit by matahati design

i am happy rushed back to my MIL's home in KT
for a short weekend
my kids was sleeping all the way in the car
we arrived at 9.30pm
journey seemed so tired
i wanted to switch and drive
but then felt so sleepy so that my dear hubby drove us for 31/2 hours
he was asleep now

i am online
and i eyes cannot wait anymore
i need to get a good sleep
adam keep on asking
mama, why are you not sleeping yet ?
ok ok i will

c ya ! miss ya !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Los + mini book + what a hectic evening [-,-]

Salam and hi,
i love this LO
perfect for my dear hubby and kiddos looks elegant ya..


credits :

maha_iacl_bamboo border
maha_iacl_paper tear
maha_iacl_sparkle trail2
maha_iacl_sparkle trail


credits :
maha_iacl_ribbon wrap1
maha_iacl_sparkle trail2
maha_iacl_sparkling leaf

both Los included elements and papers of 'it's a charmed life kit' by matahati design

my paper crafty project
at lovescrap for our 2nd challenge host by sis Ida
she is amazing with fun fun fun ideas to work in
i love the result
Mini Book Challenge


this is for syapotter talent challenge at scrapmatter
fun fun elements
it looks a bit heavy and unbalance
but i like it a lot
fun fun fun hehehe

credits : paper n alpha by vicki20, elements by nathy cinnamon design

i went home picked up the kids
my hubby came back a lil bit late from school
he had curriculum program this evening
i had a fast bath huhu
performed my Asar prayer
while my kiddos watched tv
then turned on washing machine
after that [angkat kain di jemuran] + [lipat kain]
that's my everyday evening routine
sometime i go crazy and [main kejar2] with my

i am tired mummy but really responsible and sometime going so crazy

have fun everyday
enjoy your every minute in life !!

Monday, July 14, 2008

giving and sharing [- v -]

salam and hi to all
what is the most you can share to the world ?
it is your love of giving and sharing with others
it will hopefully make other people happy
so you will be happy too

i received another pleasent surprise today
my blog friend mango make personalised sticker and stamp to me
i just love and admire the art work, really fun page to go through and read
when i spend my time blogging!

photo entry from mango page :

this is what it all about
look how fun the stamp and sticker !!
it really represent who i am
i am so jumping2 right now
girls, order can be made > go to mango page !!
it is so cheap
that you wanna everything

last 2 days i received an award my mr rizal
his art works are timeless ~
amazing fun fun guy
especially his doodles and rattan art

actually bro this is my 1st award in the blog world
oohh i love it
i have to give out the award to 7 bloggers
i choose some of my blog friends
hopefully they can share the award to others too

The rules of accepting are as follows:-

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

So, I am passing this award to these wonderful bloggers
who happen to be known as :

ayong, len, miyyah, ayuhusna, mass, milkberry, haniz, nana
tomorrow i will start to work on my Tags
hopefully by next week i can deliver it all that wanted them
as a gift from my heart
i am so sorry of my amatuer work

i hope i can be a great paper crafter soon
[see, another dream]
start dream on
you'll never know
what the world will offer to you
and Thank Allah
He gave me so much love, passion and creativity

~ i love you all ~
[not as much as i love my hubby, lah]
he will be so so so jealous
take care

my 1st kiss ever..

salam and Hi all,
this is one of our wedding shots
on the 13th of march 2004


credits : paper, alphas, elements of
Ever After Kit exclusively by MataHati Designs < click to visit her shop

i still remember that day
it is the most amazing day ever happened to me
~wink wink~

Saturday, July 12, 2008

weekender [-....-]

salam and hi to all :)
fliffy again
thanks for leaving such a lovely and warm comments
i am glad to find a lot of happy friends here
i kinda love and addict to my blog

came back from a brunch with hubby, adam n mia
we had a good 'nasik campur' and 'air laici'
yum yum
this evening i have my class
mia is sleeping now while me are having my short fun
doing LOs and stuff online

tomorrow i have another class
so my weekend eventually are moving faster
then other regular weekender out there
i wish i can sleep through the day

so that i can dream like mia..huhu

ok..enjoy my page
i have to take a 10 min nap
until zohor prayer

miss u all
happy blogging
be a good blogger
ok ok
muah 2x

adam is going crazy with his funny faces during hot sunny weekend
credits : LBA_Graphic_RubOn,LBA_BittyBrads by michelle coleman of vintage dream kit
pattern paper by vicky20
JM_HappyMatYellow, JM_HappyAlpha, by Julia Makotinsky of Happy Kit
frames by Welly Designs

adam again with his slyvester, ohh he is so cute !
credits :
Animal Crackers Kit by Lisa Sisneros
frame by mira designs

this kit was a RAK by Lisa Sisneros from LDD > visit her store
for featuring LO from her previous kit !
i had to choose from her product..i love the kit
so much fun fun element to play with !
i love them all, Lisa
Thanks !!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

~my adorable mia ~

salam n hi to all :)

thanks for the wishes
i am so touched n happy
this is my 1st LO as Z's CT
of Z new amazingly+sweet kit
so yummy with pastel colors to play with
oooooooohh i just love it !!

mia just wake up from a short nap in the afternoon
she slept in the buai / baby's swing
i just love her expression

just wake up

credits :

Ever After Kit
exclusively by Wan Zakirah a.k.a MataHati :
MH_EverAfter pattern papers

check it out !

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the most awaited moment :)

Finally zakirah announced the big News !!
I cant believe my eyes when she told Im in the Creative Team (CT)
for Matahati Designs
This is one of my dream
It finally came true :)
~ more of fliffy in digital scrap world ~


fliffy are now officially Matahati CT :

Monday, July 7, 2008

peek = is similar to cak !

salam all,
its 1pm here :)
weather are so delightful
not so hot (mendung ape ye?) huhu..cloudy ye..
i manage to do layouts during my lunch break
... and taking 15 min nap :)


credits : papers and elements by bren boone design, alpha by K_teague

peeky me ~
i am having so much fun here
and i hope are having one too there


credits :credtis : dragonflies, colorful doodles by designs by krista, frame by natalie bird, colorful ribbon, tied ribbon and paper by Tammy Cirilli

me and my 2nd sister hanging out ~ for a nice fast lunch.. huhu
o i am so happy o

~ enjoy ~

TAG give aways !!!

Hi this is my 1st give away !
even mass, nana and rani have to do it .. lol
(i just want to know why u like it as inspiration for me, can aaa)

how it work :)
choose your design ~ with the word you want to TAG eg. your name
leave comment on that detail with why you want that tag so so much...

1. delighful (similar design with different kind of paper flower)
2.autumn (similar design)
3.my_heart (same papers with different animal figure)
tag3_myheart (similar design with different kind of papers)
5. sweet grafiti (similar design with different kind of papers)
6.flower in the pot (this is my drawing of flower in the pot ~simple)
7.funky (flower design with other colors)
8. beary (similar shape with other kind of pattern paper to write your name)
9. alpha_me (i will design ur name + with that cute ribbon)
10. butterfly

**my name of the TAG was printed and no 8 no 3 hand written by me :)

have a swing happy day, everybody

email me futher if you want to request TAGs for birthdays, give away, wedding, up to you
funfliffy[at] for more than one pieces :) ~maybe i can work out for you~