Sunday, December 20, 2009

hello blog, o my dusty blog :)

Salam and Hi,
i missed writing and sharing my works here
eventually hubby gave me some time online tonight
gonna keep up with scrap works
that i delayed due to some other work / life matter
how ever, keep looking down
i have awesome line up for your eyes and heart

life has been upside down and craze these days
i wish i have some sort of power to change
some thing what really bother my mind
He got plan and love me for that,
so i must keep my self awake and positive

i missing my mojo for a month now
it really weird
my mind is full with numbers, haha

the new semester is started, yesterday
i manage to wake up my brain
fresh start for sure

as for work,
i am enjoying my end of semester
students are already going homes
and we are ready to produce some results
i missed bowling..too

sparkling trail from vintage charm by matahati designs
stick note from VID (Very Important Date) by matahati designs
brown paper from Paper Pretties Stock by matahati designs
For Her kit by matahati designs
tape from it's a charm life by matahati designs
font : my underwood, FG Grayson
cintia tavares's Doodle Package vol 2

Our Family Circles by Jady Day Studios - DSA the fix December

All Aglow Add On by Traci Reed - DSA the fix December

Red Wine (add on) Kristin Rice - K Studio - DSA the fix December

Blueberry Delight by Joanne Bain Designs - DSA the fix December

ok dokie
c ya !! taraaa

Sunday, November 15, 2009

in the shade of blue...

Hi there,

quick post
i am tired
of mind and body
hope to get my mojo n cheerful side back :)

she is So Girly
using Miss Tiina's Low Key
alphas for various Miss Tiina Kits
Low Key, Eek!, Once Upon A Day Dream, Lulu, Hooty Coo & My Big Adventure

eek ! kit by Miss Tina

Child of My Child by Fayette Terlouw of Ettes & Company (Nov Guest at Scrap Orchard)

Dip In! by Miss Tiina Designs
MTF Hello Again {CU} Font by Miss Tiina Designs

enjoy !!!
i am happy again seeing my pages here :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vote for me :)

Salam and Hi :)

if you have some time please come and vote for my layout :)
thanks for the click


credits and journaling

using Autumn in Hooville Autumn in Hooville by Jady Day Studio at Scraporchard

get it here :

December 1, 2003

In life, you will meet many people along the way.
Each person who touches our life brings a gift.
Some will touch you more than others,
but each person comes into your life for a reason.
Many times we don't exactly know why.
This person could be a teacher, a parent, a spouse, a sibling,
a friend or a stranger.
Maybe this person listens when we need to talk or cry.
Maybe they help us financially when we are broke.
Maybe they talk to us, when we need a different perspective.
Maybe they hold us when we don't deserve it.
Maybe they sit with us when our grief is too much to bear alone.
Maybe they are just there, so we know we are not alone.
How have we acknowledged this help?
Have we taken their gifts of love, compassion,
and hope out into the world and offered it to others?
We all need to give something back to this world
that will help others along their paths.
I think we all need to be more thankful.
This year, stop, think, and remember all of the people
who have crossed your paths
and be thankful for them.
Say it out loud, say it in silence, but say it.

jornaling by Marlene

see ya !!! hugs

Sunday, November 8, 2009 fun !

Salam and Hi :)

some of my works in 2009

see ya
i am too tired to write haha

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Digital Scrap Ink DSD blog train :)

Salam and Hi !

Gab -
Anja -
Szunyo -
Fliffy - (you are here!)
May - (go to May's blog)
Ivonne -

go to all blogs and get the full kit...

mine is here :

Download it

also be DLD blog follower here and get surprise goodie

thanks !!

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day !

Salam and Hi :)

oh u r so much fun ,adam
Mr. Kite by Lyndsay Riches

Family Ties by Fei Fei Stuff's and Joyce Paul Designs

Watch Me Soar Grab Bag by mle Card at Scrap Orchard

enjoy aktivities, challenges and goodies on DSD !


Thursday, October 29, 2009

call me lovely..................

Salam and Hi :)


ct_perfectday_paper6 copy
perfect day kit by cintia tavarez

misstiina_hootycoo_paper7 copy
Papers and elements from Hooty Coo Kit by Miss Tiina
Masked 1 by Design by Heather T.

The Good Earth by The Scrap Orchard Designers & The Sweet Shoppe Designers

TDS oct - 100% Recycled by Penny Miscellany

chow !

Monday, October 26, 2009

strictly for boys

Salam and Hi,

quick post + enjoy !

Bump in the Night by Miss Tiina
p/s we muslim dont celebrate Halloween and this page is just for fun expression of my son

Ziggle Designs and Design by Megan Turnidge Collab : Buccaneer Bay


Saturday, October 24, 2009

fun pages + fun faces

As Salam and Hi :)

my final exam will start next week
crab ! hehee
anyway i dont know the connection between crab and exam
dont ask.. hahaha

as for now
i would like to share some of fun pages
from recent work
have fun
c ya around, babe !

how lovely...just look into her eyes and you shall fall in love.. hehe
The Good Earth by The Scrap Orchard Designers & The Sweet Shoppe Designers

adam is so scary !!!
p/s we muslim dont celebrate Halloween and this page is just for fun expression of my son
Eek! Kit by Miss Tiina

meet my DD, mia
her sweetest smile, eva !
using Oh So Silly by Wild Dandelion Designs and meg muller designs

fun lil man,
Little Owlie by Miss Tiina


Monday, October 19, 2009

love sweetness ;P

Salam and Hi !

going the fast lane, enjoy :)

Color My World from Wild Dandelions
The DSA's Featured Product

Zania's Garden by Faith True

Color My World from Wild Dandelions
The DSA's Featured Product

wish i can write more,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

i cannot resist cuteness !

Salam and Hi :)


using Oh So Silly by Wild Dandelion Designs and meg muller designs

today i work hard
making few layouts and this one is among my fav
thanks for being here and looking and reading
i am hoping you all can be inspired by my work
and we all can always appreciate life and love


i listen to this song today
and touched by it ~

c ya !

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun Challenge and my memory *v*

Salam and Hi :)

Jady Day Studio - Love All Year Long kit

SO Layered by Designs by Sine

ft_wwlpaper5 copy
My layout is featuring the ‘1st photo’ of my 1st son, Adam Harris after his delivery. It was on Tuesday at 2.28 pm in local hospital. It was among the joyfullest day to my life of finally becoming a mummy. The labor pain was beyond speakable but to be able to see him and held him in my arm was worthy.

read more at the SO blog

join the challenge @ here

i am using Faith True’s Wrapped With Love

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DSA's The Fix October line-up

As Salam and Hi :)

Gypsy Couture - Autumn Echo
DSA the fix Oct

MFERK_FamiliyTies-paper2a copy
Microferk Designs - Family Ties
DSA the fix Oct

thefix_oct_fliffylayoutOU_GARDEN OF ROSES
OlgaUnger - Garden of Roses
DSA the fix Oct

get yours here

yummylicious !

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

happy mood + mojo mood !

Salam and Hi :)

i am super duper working with my layouts
loved the result and happy
to be able to download
super fast today
my mojo is back !

ctavares-paper1  copy
Black Tie Kit (Incluindo Brinde) by Cintia Tavares
get it here :

ct_paper8 copy
Go Ahead Kit by Cintia Tavares
get it here :

Pump It Kit by Cintia Tavares
get it here :

it is raining here
just finished chit chatting with my mum
feeling so happy today
going to drink my oat coffee
yum !

i have test this weekend
going to finish my assignment and study
see you again :)


sweetness of life ^0^ part 2

Salam and Hi :)

my kids and i during our launch outing
Cassidy by Miss Tiina and Faith True

i made this page a while ago..
ial_st_paper03 copy

i took this photo when Mia is running around my parent's home...
using Simple Things full kit by Irene Alexeeva

my juicy home :)
Juicy Avenue page kit by Irene Alexeeva

thanks for looking
wish to write more
but, suddenly my brain is freezing
(another excuse)