Friday, June 27, 2008

Tagged by sis Emila ['-']

Thanks to sis Emila for tagging me. This tag is about bloggers and their professions. I just need to add my name and profession and tag fellow blogger friends.

1. Copy and paste everything to a new post and Add your name next to your profession (or profession-to-be for undergrads) in the list. Make sure your name is linked to your blog.

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2. If your profession is not in the list then simply add it to the correct alphabetical place. For example, if you want to add PLUMBER then it should be placed in between ONCOLOGIST and QUEEN.

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Blogger -
Doctor -
Graphic Designer/Illustrator - Emila
Nurse - Mckhoii
Stay-at-Home-Mom - Mai, Alpha, Yen, Constance
Secretary- Arlene
Teacher -
University Employee- Suzanne
Work-at-Home-Mom- Liza

I am tagging all my fellow scrapper frens :) have fun

(tambah aje pekerjaan anda ikut turutan ABC)

credits : shabby princess papers n embelishment :)

have fun ~ like my mia

LOs for my frens :)

i used most of freebies in my project..
i bought some kit at little dreamers
they have such amazing fun fun kits :) with discounts
they call it 1 dollar wednesday.. great for bargain ya..

i recommend for beginners play around with freebies
some of them are so so cute n fun to work with
i hoping someday i sell digital scrap kits to my malaysians fellow
i hope my dream come true, lah ! (coz i have a lot of dream) lol
plz do not forget to give kredits to the designers
they work their eyes n mind so hard for the kits..hehe
ok..happy scrapping all :)

i love doing LO for frens as a gift or RAK (random act of kindness)
it will challenge me to work with sort of different themes and photos
this is not my way to 'show-off' my ability of doing scraps
i just love when others love my decorations .. that's all


tidurlah chem - RAK for yong
credits : scallop frame, heart buttons by Designs by Angelica E
paper by a vintagecharm [Megan Leeson] design
ribbon by Lisa Michelle Sisneros

credits : pattern paper by chrisgreiser_bgsummer_pp5
frame by zakirahzakaria
black paper by arockwell-mojo-paper (2)
apha n buttons by BZB Designs/Brynn Marie Dukes

credits : frame n paper n word art by naomi (Naomi Eggers)
stitches, flowers, scallop edge by michelle coleman

oh ya :) you all can win a really fab tote designed by emilayusof
just leave your comment on why you want the dreamy tote
the best comment will win :)
quick ! quick !

going back to kampung :)


this weekend we are going back to my kampung
last night adam called his grandpa told him about this trip
he was so excited since the last trip was 3 months ago.. long time huh..
mama have classes during weekend.. that's why..
this weekend i suppose to have 2 classes but one on saturday is cancel :)
mama also have to submit 3 assignment on sunday and already bind them today
i am so tired today running around the house but it just a relief to finish things before time,
~~right ?
i have my 2nd test on mia n abg along adam will be with their grandpa&ma

that is misai kucing
view from my dad's lil garden around the house
cute ah ~
i love it because it is so green with white whiskers ... arrhhh
i took that picture last year..


and this is lil along adam
1. who is more scarier ? him or person in the tv
2. who can guess that was a scene from what series ?
i love the series :) this photo also i took at my dad's house

(leave your answer in the comment section :)
lucky winner will win some RAK from me)

happy weekend everybody
miss you ~~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bowling fun time

Salam n ello all :)
last time i wrote about i went to our bowling tournament
hehe..i got 2nd place for individual category
and we got 1st place for group category
among ladies.. lol
my score ? we only played for 2 frames and i got 89 and 101
bad, huh ? but [i like]

and this is my fellow teammate..kak sariah and kak linda
somehow i feels younger..haha
i just love you ? you running around like crazy [hehe]


credits : paper by michelle coleman, frame by cinnamon design, buttons-stitches-ribbon by july design

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

love is in the air


credits : quickpage by zakirahzakaria
i love quickpage when running out of idea..hehe


credits : paper n embelishments by Nancie Rowe Janitz of daisies kit

another night LO by me using daisies kit in the Digital Artist Magazine that i won last time
i hope that our love will be always in the air
peace !~

her cute crocs

credtis : quick page by DSBStore- chaveiropostbloggirl PSampaio

my sister asked me for a new shoe,
come on lah kak a ! i just had my own salary..

what shoe ?
Crocs !
hah, too expensive lah sis
my money ! i want a pair of Crocs
i work for 6 years now.. my shoes are all under RM100 lah sis..
plzzzzzz, this is my 1st salary.. my ASADI is broken lah sis
oklah.. oklah
then we went to EC mall, she was like in heaven
then..after she boought it , i tried the cute Crocs ..
not bad lah sis ... for RM 114 !!!
i am thinkin of saving some to buy my own Crocs.. someday ... enjoy my feet ~~ lol

Monday, June 23, 2008

i admire their passion :)

i discover Gisele and Emila .. i really adore their work and their imagination !
stunning and so so cute that i hope that i can make something like these... hehehe
i like to sketch a flower in the pot...i think it will make a great character hehe

these are Gis works..
these are emilia works.. i love the bears !!

more of my idols work at their page ok ok
(Emila also designed the cute im a proud malaysian blogger icon) cute ahhhh ~~~

have fun ~~

Friday, June 20, 2008

beside hobby..


i love my work
i work weekdays

i love my work
it involve papers n pens

i love my work
i can teach youngsters
to be better in life

hehe ~ ooohh i just love my desk
neat n cute desk
with a lot of things to done
before the end of each semester :)

do u like your work ?

my angels turns 1 and 3 in june 2008

we am so blessed to have them in my life
hopefully they will be success in life

enjoy ~~

credits : missvivi birthday paper n element

credits : missvivi birthday paper n element, flower and ribbon by matahati

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

im back !! celebrate june ~

hey guys, im back !! i hope this LO will make u smile :)
i am resting my body for tomorrow we will having a bowling tournament...
actually just a bowling outing with my officemates...i cant wait for a strike!
if it happen tomorrow..haha i really not good at bowling but i just love to throw some balls..haha


credits : twoboyz00 for the plain paper, staples, frame, circle
Tiffany Tillman for the cake
nancy kubo for the word art, button edge by PeppermintCreative

june is a birthdays month for us
lil adam turned 3 on the 14th
lil mia turned 1 on the 13th
we went for a pizza lunch
yummy for us..mia and adam not really enjoyed it :)
lil mia felt a lil bit of sleepy while adam was playing around..
he ate 3 little pieces of those pan pizzas...well the rest was for mummy n daddy lah..


credits : Tammy Cirilli for tk-DBM-sequin stitches
blue flower paper by VictoriaGreenless_ChirpiDelight

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i won a blog header !!!

ooohh i am so excited about this,
Gis pick out a number from the her cute cup and guess what :)
it's me ... wow i will have a brand new header..
cant wait cant wait :)
thanks Gis for doing this for me
check out Gis work... a really cute one at
still bz with works.. i hope to start scrap out a page soon...
take care all !!
read more :) @

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bz with skool :)

muffins with tons of papers to mark ?? maybe it will work ~~~ daaaaa
i am so bz with marking all those exam papers and internal short courses at work
so girls n guys happy day ok ok
no mood [again] for another LO :) happy reading and have fun !!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

scrap for friends @ lovescrap

**in malay,,sorry readers

salam semua

memandangkan kita dah cukup partners

so kita swap aje ler ye

swap - maksudnya kita buatkan LO kawan...kawan buatkan LO kite
utk digi 3 gambar maksimum bergantung ke[ada kreativiti masing2 utk
create LO...plz help partner kite utk sediakan journalling..
so that it will be meaningful....

so ur partner !!

yatie - wan wss
ayong - lynz
miyyah - haniz
firzara - sha
fliffy - ayanglina

so blehla PM partner masing2 ye....
gunakan sebulan ni tanpa stress
fliffy hrp nanti around akhir bulan dpt emelkan
fliffy LO2 tuh so dpt surprisekan semua !!!

kalau ade y nak join tp fliffy tertinggal partner
plz let me know....

to read more .. im so in love

frame with ribbon by zakirahzakaria, black paper by feifei, pattern paper by michelle coleman, word ard by elegance wordart

another night work from me
ohhh i just love the vibrant colors..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

salam all,
my fren inaa from friendster introduced me to these personality test..enjoyed it !!
let's try :)

Your Birthdate: January 25

You excel at anything difficult or high tech.

In other words, you're a total (brilliant) geek.

It's difficult for you to find people worth spending time with.

Which is probably why you'll take over the world with your evil robots!

Your strength: Your unfailing logic

Your weakness: Loving machines more than people

Your power color: Tan

Your power symbol: Pi

Your power month: July

wowo, i am a geek.. [ i like ] and i am such a beautiful geek you ever known.. hahaha actually for me, i really no geek at all. i just love seeing beautiful and astistic things around me, so when i discovered digi scrap i was so anxious and ready to be part of it..colourful and imaginary .. wow i just love being creative and fun !!

You Are a Banana

You are mellow, easy going, and a total softie on the inside.

People find it really easy to get along with you. You suit most tastes.

And while you're very sweet, you're not boring or ordinary.

You have an attraction to the exotic, and you could show up anywhere... doing almost anything!

You are spirited, energetic, and a total kick to be around.

You're also quite funny. Your sense of humor is on the goofy side, and it fits you well.

What Type of Fruit Are You?

these are totally true, u know i love banana !!
the fruit represent me,,like [ a lot ]
i am proud to be bananarian today !! go banana go !! lol, feelin a lil bit crazy today
actually, i need some laugh !! i got it today...

You Are a Sweet Person

When it comes to snacks, you're more likely to grab some candy than heat up a pizza.

There's a good chance you're female (women prefer sweet snacks)...

Or at least, you prefer to be in the company of women.

Your tastes are simple and predictable. You are young at heart.

You tend to crave food you can just grab and eat.

i alwaz a desert girl, i love chocolate, ermmm i just love being so so sweet also
after a meal, a bite of choc will do to make my day and smile all day long...
thanks for reading

TAGGED by sis BEE and dear sha
Instructions :

Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?

i actually missed my time at mrsm when i was at 13 years old
i played a lot and for that my pmr result was not so good
i cannot continued my studies there
i cried a lot and kept myself on the bedroom
it was totally my mistake and my loss
i remember that i was not so serious in studies
especially math, i hate it, i didnt want to improve it
i hate myself for that
but when i grew up and went to univ
i really understood the God's plan for me
everything that happen for a reason
it happen because Allah loves me
He had found me to my family that i have today
Tag Mode: 5 bloggers [ not feeling to do so ]

1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.