Tuesday, June 24, 2008

her cute crocs

credtis : quick page by DSBStore- chaveiropostbloggirl PSampaio

my sister asked me for a new shoe,
come on lah kak a ! i just had my own salary..

what shoe ?
Crocs !
hah, too expensive lah sis
my money ! i want a pair of Crocs
i work for 6 years now.. my shoes are all under RM100 lah sis..
plzzzzzz, this is my 1st salary.. my ASADI is broken lah sis
oklah.. oklah
then we went to EC mall, she was like in heaven
then..after she boought it , i tried the cute Crocs ..
not bad lah sis ... for RM 114 !!!
i am thinkin of saving some to buy my own Crocs.. someday ... enjoy my feet ~~ lol