Wednesday, June 18, 2008

im back !! celebrate june ~

hey guys, im back !! i hope this LO will make u smile :)
i am resting my body for tomorrow we will having a bowling tournament...
actually just a bowling outing with my officemates...i cant wait for a strike!
if it happen tomorrow..haha i really not good at bowling but i just love to throw some balls..haha


credits : twoboyz00 for the plain paper, staples, frame, circle
Tiffany Tillman for the cake
nancy kubo for the word art, button edge by PeppermintCreative

june is a birthdays month for us
lil adam turned 3 on the 14th
lil mia turned 1 on the 13th
we went for a pizza lunch
yummy for us..mia and adam not really enjoyed it :)
lil mia felt a lil bit of sleepy while adam was playing around..
he ate 3 little pieces of those pan pizzas...well the rest was for mummy n daddy lah..


credits : Tammy Cirilli for tk-DBM-sequin stitches
blue flower paper by VictoriaGreenless_ChirpiDelight