Friday, June 27, 2008

going back to kampung :)


this weekend we are going back to my kampung
last night adam called his grandpa told him about this trip
he was so excited since the last trip was 3 months ago.. long time huh..
mama have classes during weekend.. that's why..
this weekend i suppose to have 2 classes but one on saturday is cancel :)
mama also have to submit 3 assignment on sunday and already bind them today
i am so tired today running around the house but it just a relief to finish things before time,
~~right ?
i have my 2nd test on mia n abg along adam will be with their grandpa&ma

that is misai kucing
view from my dad's lil garden around the house
cute ah ~
i love it because it is so green with white whiskers ... arrhhh
i took that picture last year..


and this is lil along adam
1. who is more scarier ? him or person in the tv
2. who can guess that was a scene from what series ?
i love the series :) this photo also i took at my dad's house

(leave your answer in the comment section :)
lucky winner will win some RAK from me)

happy weekend everybody
miss you ~~