Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Slice of Heaven by Secret Stash

Assalamualaikum :)

weekend is finally here
and i just spend little time at the pc
going to bed early and cant wait for tomorrow to start my day
sweet dreams girlies ... ZZZZzzzzzZZZ

enjoy my current work


pretty colors...pretty elements...dreamy...pure and love the cloud !

Little Slice of Heaven by Secret Stash

Little Slice of Heaven by Secret Stash


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prehistoric Roar-Bundle by Designs by Kat

Assalamuaikum :)

i did 2 layouts
one is mia at kampung
with her fake telephone
chatting expression

and the other one is adam
played with old Buffalo trunk
that my father kept
dont worry
he did hold for just 2 secs
just to take photo
the trunk is super sharp
so dont play play ok
(adam was with adult supervision)

paper 5 pr by kat600

played with :

Prehistoric Roar-Girl

Prehistoric Roar-Girl by Designs by Kat

paper 9 pr by kat600

played with :

Prehistoric Roar-Boy

Prehistoric Roar-Boy by Designs by Kat

or you can get them both !!

Prehistoric Roar-Bundle

Prehistoric Roar-Bundle by Designs by Kat

what a great play today :)
i have a lot of fun !

Gummies and Lollies by Faith True

Assalamualaikum :)

she is adorable when she was a little baby
and still... until now... adorable is the word


fun colors and definitely sweet elements... yam !

Gummies and Lollies by Faith

Gummies and Lollies by Faith True

xoxo !

Oh Boy by Nikki Epperson and geniaBeana designs


had a fun day today
yet it is feeling like free sauna treatment in the office
due to broken air cond
haaa..... and mixing things with tiling and wiring for the new house
my adam felt on the ground yesterday
and did a bruises near to the eyes
lucky he had quick help from teachers
they called me at work
and i brought adam to nearest clinic
adam had 'gum' at the torn skin
mia is in happy and moody mood
hehehe she is some times so happy
and suddenly being a little bit spoiled
but she is always my eye candy :)
ok for now..
more uploading job to the galleries tonight, perhaps ~
just did my workouts and sweat like a runner !

muah xoxo



played with

Oh Boy by Nikki Epperson and geniaBeana designs

Designer Kits | Nikki Epperson

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

photo therapy : with you


023 022
 020 019 060 058
some photos to share
from upper left

1. what a great smiles i have to treasure
2. adam after the hair cut
3. damia's drawing with mommy's help - she did sea creatures , grass , flower , and a lot of coloring
4. adam's drawing - the spongebob family and friends
5. adam before the hair cut
6. damia's lil fingers and broken piano hehehe

a quick posting for tonight
having a mild head ache
and hubby is out 3 days champing

mommy feeling a bit lonely..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Love You Rain or Shine by by Shawna Clingerman and Spinky Dink Scraps

Salam :)

this kit is super playful and super fun
i love everything and i can play the kit over and over again

Love You Rain or Shine
get it here



my family and my home
is my priority 
my pray to you all there, all of love

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's All Me Collaboration - Victoria Feemster and Spinky Dink Scraps

Salam :)

Bright Sunday morning here
i hope you all will be enjoying your morning (some other will be night , evening , afternoon)


using : It's All Me Collaboration - Victoria Feemster and Spinky Dink Scraps

i love this page
and hope you like to meet ME in world wide world ok :O)


(click on icons at my cute header to go - because they all linked)

Sweet Spring Collab by Charlize Creations & Miss Tiina

Salam :)

the fun continues !
i love everything in this collab

by Charlize Creations & Miss Tiina

Sweet Spring Collab


by Miss Tiina

Vector Robots {CU}

thanks for keep coming back and i love you all here


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well Suited {Collab Kit} by Trixie Scraps and Spinkydink Scraps

Salam :)


i am over the top today
going to stop in a bit.. hehe

Well Suited {Collab Kit}

Well Suited {Collab Kit} by Trixie Scraps and Spinkydink Scraps

simply loving earthy colors lalalalala....


Patchwork of My Life by Meredith Cardall

Salam :)

the kit is out at SHCO and SUN
grab today !

meet Mia, she is moving forward in her life :O)
one step at a time...



Patchwork of My Life

i am having fun today and a good laugh too !!


Meet Mandy from

Salam :)

For the month of February, meet Mandy as my selected digi scrapper !
her works are amazingly gorgeous and i am happy to have her at my blog.. hehe


1. Can you introduce yourself and how did you get involve in digital scrapbooking ?
My name is Mandi. I’m from Lynchburg VA and I live with my husband, Eric, and our almost 4 year old daughter, Rylee. By day I’m a travel agent, studying to be a CNA… by night I love being a mom, wife, cook, photographer, and digital scrapbooker!

2. What inspire you to make layout and what is your style in digital scrapbooking ?
My daughter’s birth first inspired me to start digital scrapbooking in 2007 and since then my style has changed so many times. Right now, I like smaller clusters, the minimalistic look, and journaling. I finally decided that I wanted my pages to be more than just pictures and pretty elements so I’m now trying to journaling about those memories on my pages in addition to the pictures and elements!

3. What CT you are currently with and how you manage to do it all ?
I guess technically I’m not on any CTs at the moment. I dropped them all last year when I realized I was scrapping for them and not my family or myself. I am an admin at Sunshine Studio Scraps… in charge of the CT and the newsletter but that doesn’t really count as a creative team. I’m looking though, and I’ve applied for a few so *fingers crossed*

4. Can you share us 5 your most fav layouts and why ?
Hmmm 5 and why: 

Starting with Most Recent:

Took me a while to do this layout, but I’m very happy with the result and the way each letter of my daughter’s name describes her. Perfect for her book!

link to layout is here

It’s the story of my daughter’s name… what’s not to love?? I also love this kit!

link to layout is here

A page for me. An honest page using song lyrics that I love.

link to layout is here

This is my one little word page for 2011. This LO represents what I’d like to focus on this year.

link to layout is here

Simple page, used as a Christmas gift for the grandparents… it’s a summary of pictures from our family during 2010.

link to layout is here

5. What is happiness means to you and how your way to spend a perfect day ?
Happiness is family. Therefore the perfect day for me would be to spend time doing something fun, and out of the ordinary with them. The beach, lake, a boat… something different!


Thanks a lot for doing these with me :) Mandy

i hope we all can be inspired by Mandy's style
i just love when you play with a lot of layering and framing
it makes me smiles every time !

read more at her blog, ok :O)


Yayasan Amal Pahang : a review

Salam :)

khas untuk rakan-rakan yang tinggal di Kuantan
adalah satu perasaan yang paling nikmat dan menggembirakan
apabila barangan yang sudah kita rasakan tidak perlu tetapi masih boleh dimiliki orang lain
dapat didermakan,
 ini adalah salah satu cara untuk memastikan barangan terpakai 
dapat dimanfaatkan bagi golongan yang memerlukan...

saya berpengalaman sendiri
selepas mendapat no telefon daripada rakan saya (cik fina)
saya mencuba untuk mendapatkan khidmat Yayasan Amal
bagi mendermakan barangan terpakai saya
ketika En Ramli (pemandu lori) dan rakannya dari Yayasan Amal
datang dengan lori saya terlupa mengambil gambar barangan yang didermakan

pada mulanya rasa agak malu juga
sebab baju terpakai dan pakaian hanya saya masukkan dalam plastik hitam (untuk sampah)
tetapi En Ramli sangat baik hati dan peramah
terus mengangkut barangan ke dalam lori

saya dermakan :
3 plastik baju terpakai (baju kurung, blaus, tshirt, kemeja,seluar dan pakaian bayi)
1 kotak mainan dan buku cerita
2 printer lama
1 kabinet buku lama
2 kotak peralatan dapur (seperti barangan plastik dan kaca)
vacum cleaner yang rosak
periuk nasi yang rosak

p/s untuk barangan elektrik yang rosak,
saya difahamkan pelajar tahfiz di sana akan cuba membaiki dan menggunakan semula barangan itu

En Ramli juga turut memberitahu ada barangan yang akan dijual semula
untuk menampung kos operasi seperti bayaran pekerja dan minyak lori

selesai sudah projek 5S saya di rumah
memandangkan akhir bulan mac nanti kami akan berpindah ke rumah baru
ini sangatlah meringankan beban saya
sebab saya suka simpan barangan lama sampai penuh stor
sekarang yang tinggal hanyalah 5 kotak barangan yang perlu :)
seronok kan

lori yang diguna untuk tujuan mengangkut barangan terpakai dan untuk disewa bagi tujuan pindah rumah atau pejabat
gambar dari laman web Yayasan Amal

homestay untuk disewa

gambar dari laman web Yayasan Amal

sila lah ke laman web dan telefon nombor berkenaan untuk sebarang pertanyaan
saya berpuas hati kerana layanan mereka sangat baik dan kita tidak perlu menghantar barangan
mereka akan datang ambil dari rumah

semoga usaha Yayasan Amal mendapat keberkatan dan pahala dari Allah

ok tak mengarang dalam bahasa melayu ?

semoga bergembira di hujung minggu !

Just Dotty Alphas Freebie


Erin have Freebie for you and fun blog hop !

Posted Image

Curiosity Kit by Studio Q



Curiosity Kit by Studio Q


i love the pastel colors in this kit
and perfect with my daughter expression
she is always at best in study
she did finished her weekend homework
back from kinder yesterday
super fast and super fun
this child brain's really absorbing like a sponge


Friday, February 18, 2011

Secret Stash exclusively at 9th & Bloom

Salam :)

Secret Stash at new home and having SALE

Posted Image

grab these gorgeous kits !

Blue Skies & Butterflies by Secret Stash

Happy in my Heart by Secret Stash

Sweet on You by Secret Stash


Sunday Morning by Secret Stash


i played with all those yummylicious kits !

ah i love them all


Got Beads? by Faith True and Tracie Stroud

Salam :)

played with fun colors and theme
enjoyed ~

Got Beads? by Faith True and Tracie Stroud

my layout using it :


xoxo ! muah

p/s i got my header today :) will talk more about it later

Spinky Dink Scraps : Innocence Kit

Salam :)


credits :

get it here

xoxo !