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she is sweet and her photography style is also sweet :)

Meet Cindy Hsu,
the owner of 
Cindy Hsu | Art, Animation, Film, and Photography Blog

1. Can you tell me about yourself ?

Hi! My name is Cindy and I'm a senior studying fine arts at USC. I graduate in May and I can't believe almost four years has flown by! In this time, I discovered a love for animation, photography, film, and sculpture. I recently started a print shop selling prints of my photography and I've loved every step of it so far!

2. What inspire you to take photos ?

I take photos because of my love for optimism in photography and my attempt to share it with others. I love capturing beauty all around me. Another reason is that I have a pretty bad memory, and taking pictures of what happens in my life makes it so that I will never forget it!

3. How do you like to spend a day ?

Any day I spend with my boyfriend Matt is lovely. Whether we're doing homework on our laptops side by side, shopping, eating, exploring the city, or watching a movie, I always have a blast!

4. What is your definition of happiness ?

Happiness is having good health, good friends, good family, and plenty of adventure and passion for life!

5. Can you please show us your most memorable photos and why ?

One of my most memorable photos is in my print shop titled "Into the Sky." I had been looking for pink and yellow bunting flags to take pictures of for months, and just couldn't find them anywhere! One day I just decided to make some from colored index cards and my mom and grandmother are each holding an end of the string. Whenever I look at this picture I'm just reminded never to give up, as well as the importance of a little creativity and the support and love of your parents!

The second picture is called "City of Lights" and I took it in 2004. It was taken on a small point and shoot camera at the time, but is one of my oldest and favorite pictures I've taken!

My other most memorable photo is what I call our "family portrait." It's a picture of me, Matt, and my dog Benji (who lives with my parents) that my mom took. It's a very special picture to me because Matt feels like such a part of the family!

Thank you so much for interviewing me Farha! You're so sweet and I can't wait to see more from your blog!

Cindy Hsu


Thanks a lot for doing this with me
goodluck in your final year :)
congrats with the new store too
i enjoy reading your entry 

be inspired and please please go to her blog and enjoy sweet sweet photos