Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh Boy by Nikki Epperson and geniaBeana designs


had a fun day today
yet it is feeling like free sauna treatment in the office
due to broken air cond
haaa..... and mixing things with tiling and wiring for the new house
my adam felt on the ground yesterday
and did a bruises near to the eyes
lucky he had quick help from teachers
they called me at work
and i brought adam to nearest clinic
adam had 'gum' at the torn skin
mia is in happy and moody mood
hehehe she is some times so happy
and suddenly being a little bit spoiled
but she is always my eye candy :)
ok for now..
more uploading job to the galleries tonight, perhaps ~
just did my workouts and sweat like a runner !

muah xoxo



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Oh Boy by Nikki Epperson and geniaBeana designs

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