Saturday, February 5, 2011

photo therapy : cat , hubby, kids and ice cream

Salam :)

010 026 025 024

from left :
1. back at my parent place - the are cats that usually hanging around at the back of my mum's kitchen looked at them at lunch time was funny - the cat in the middle is with fierce looking face, and all of them spontaneously looking at my camera.. hehe - i love just to be lazy all day at my parent's place - i love when the kids were chatting and giggling with their grandparents - i love to just look at how my parent aging gracefully at home.

2. hubby enjoyed his lastest game in his HTC while adam was trying to interrupt - we had our early dinner at nearly restaurant but the taste is always too salty for me - better to cook back at home but again,, i am to lazy for everything this week.. hehe

3. i had a day off from work on the last wednesday - had a movie date with hubby , we watched Faster i gave 31/2 stars over 5 - always love fast action movie - had our double scoop of BR ice creams with a brownie below - yam yam yam - lucky i had my pink camera bag on wednesday :)

4. i love the contrast of pink and grey - and Mia is the cutest model i ever have ! mommy loves you babe :)