Thursday, February 26, 2009

licensing my work ^o^

Salam and Hi :)
i made a clear statement about everything related to my work
happy reading and plz dont be offend
it just for fun and hopefully everyone will understand
how things really work...


Creative Commons License
digital scrapbooking by fliffy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Malaysia License.
Based on a work at

click the image above to read more, or here

and this is very clearly stated that ...

read here


love and hugs, as always !


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

more fun ! and love even more ^0^

Salam and Hi :)

Tranquility by Julie Marie

It's A Charmed Life by Matahati Designs

Firefly Lane by Ziggle Designs and Amanda Heimann Designs

Teal Time - ATC collab Sherrie JD with TANGIE

sweetlove - adam n mia
Mod Hues Paper Pack and Scenes d'Hiver by Matahati Designs

Mary Mary - The Entire Garden by Sherrie JD

my day is really fun today
we had monthy assembly at work
the funny thing was,
in the middle of the session
we had black out !!
and right after our guest finished his speech
the light went on !!
sort of sabotage ~huh~
actually no, hahahahahha
it just a regular TNB black out....
we all stuck in the hall like doing sauna thingy....hahaha

but i still happy
our deparment did good, then :)

sign off * kisses

Monday, February 23, 2009

week 7 2009 of project 365

Salam and hi :)

enjoy my Week 7 of everyday one photo project..
i didnt make any LO yet for it...
i am suck to scrap with a lot of photos in one page..
i hope to manage it sooner
life, work and studies getting really crazy here
but i still in good shape..haha
laugh everyday and keep up with hubby...
he is my motivator and shoulder...
we talk about almost everything...


1. 120209 2. 130209 3. 140209 4. 150209 5. 170209 6. 180209 7. 190209

1. view from local hotel in PJ where hubby conducted course
2. hubby brought home some toys for the kids
3. watching tv, lah mama
4. my coursemate...hehe
5. my adorable office drawer !
6. my lovely kits went for window shopping, in front of lovely lace shop..
7. look at me !

~ pick of the week ~

my adorable angels !


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i am so lucky.... ^o^ that i have YOU !

Salam and Hi :)

picture tell a thousand words
and scrapping make picture look very fun ~!
i am so lucky i did both, he he he

i just want you to know
i really happy to be here
and share some my wonderful moments with you
have fun ~!!

Mary Mary - The Entire Garden by Sherrie JD

Family Matters by Julie Marie

Sensory Overload by Polka Dot Plum

Dulcet by Matahati Designs

How to Be Happy Every Day

Step One

Decide that you want to be happy. It sounds too simple, right? The sad truth is that many people don't actually want to be happy, though. Happy isn't dramatic. Happy isn't attention getting. Happy doesn't usually bring big bucks. You have to decide that you want to be happy more than you want the things that being unhappy or dissatisfied give you.

Step Two

Get up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I'm happy. Boy, am I happy. I'm starting the day off alive. What a terrific beginning!" Seriously, you have to expect to be happy and you have to remind yourself to take a moment to enjoy all the good things in your day.

Step Three

Accept yourself. Accept your life. The desire to keep up with the thinner, richer, more sophisticated Joneses leads to more unhappiness and stress than almost anything else. And if you could just listen in on the Joneses one day, you'd find out that they are trying to keep up with their own set of Joneses and are just as dissatisfied with their lives as you are with yours.

Step Four

Take a hard look at misery causing things. All the self talk and blessing counting in the world may not be enough to make you happy if you are working 80 hours a week for a boss who is a combination of Hitler and Simon Legree. To be happy, you may need to make a few changes. Don't expect to be instantly happy from quitting a job or ending a toxic relationship, though. To be happy every day, you need to be happy from within instead of relying on external things.

and happy reading to :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

week 6 2009

Salam and Hi :)
Enjoy my week 6 of photos
i know know a bit late
really coping with bzness of work, life and studies
but i am here..
and thanks for viewing

1. 050209 2. 060209 3. 070209 4. 080209 5. 090209 6. 100209 7.110209

1. my printed layouts
2. my adorable adam harris
3. my adorable mia mia
4. flowers at my parent's
5. assisted autoCAD lab..
6. my cute adam harris again
7. my hubby's students at class

my pick of the week !

going to do some scrap thingy :)
c ya !!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sweetness of life ^0^

Salam and Hi
everyday is a new day
so let's celebrate !!

colors of my life
are my kids !!

Girly Girl Matahati Designs & B.C.D. (Boutique Cute Dolls)!

Little Boy Blue by Julie Marie Designs

Date Lines: Months by Julie Marie Designs

A Beautiful World by Krystal Hartley

Call Thee Mine and Baby Oh Baby by Sherrie JD and Tangie Bexter

happy days !!!
muah x muah x muah = muah3

Monday, February 9, 2009

what else we should ask for...

Salam and Hi :)
we are bless to be able to love and be loved

this is lil baby Mia when she was at 4 months...
very chubby
Loving Spring kit by Juno Designs

my lovable hubby
Love Me Not kit by Madame Wing

thanks for viewing
and happy days !!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

sweet faces ^o^

Salam and Hi :)
we were going back to my parents house this afternoon
hanging there until evening
i am so lucky it just took 1 hour driving there...

BEad Mine Alpha and vintage valentine by B~Creative Designs
sparkles by Scrapshana

black paper from becky's fruity freshness and elements from Enchanted Art Box Take 2
by sherrieJD and Studio Girl Tangie Baxter

happy days !

Saturday, February 7, 2009

buckle up !

Salam and Hi :)

Adam and lil Mia doing fine with the seat belt
for Adam, is always struggle during sleepy time
and Mia it's ok for her for the 1st hour..
then she will start to try to get loose ..
and Mama will show her belt
Mama tell Mia that Mama's belt will keep holding Mama from falling..
so do, Mia's belt..

33 of 365


Hoping for safety on the road

Doa naik kenderaan :
Maha Suci Tuhan yang memudahkan kenderaan ini untuk kami,
sedangkan sebelum itu kami tidak terdaya menguasainya,
Dan sesungguhnya pada Tuhan kamilah, kami akan kembali..


Friday, February 6, 2009

more of love...everyday

salam and hi :)

Februari is known for month of love
and, we muslim do not celebrate it
i think love is for everyday
so..spread your love !

my LOs that i printed and frame ! love it

1stkiss copy
Love Me Not kit by Madame Wing

Spring is coming kit by Julie Marie Designs

Loving Spring kit by Juno Designs

Spring is coming kit by Julie Marie Designs

muah ! muah ! muah !

Thursday, February 5, 2009

week 5 of project 365 ^o^

Salam and Hi,

here i am sharing my week 5 of daily photos
huhuhu, have fun viewing

1. 29 of 365 2. 29 of 365 3.31 of 365 4.32 of 365 5. 33 of 3656. 34 of 365 7.35 of 365

1. my beautiful street
2. bought some doughnuts...yummylicious !
3. my adorable lil machine
4. at the class...
5. adam in the car
6. some of the students in the lab
7. me and mia...

pick of the day...i really love this area..
look how green and lovely trees can be
29 of 365