Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i am so lucky.... ^o^ that i have YOU !

Salam and Hi :)

picture tell a thousand words
and scrapping make picture look very fun ~!
i am so lucky i did both, he he he

i just want you to know
i really happy to be here
and share some my wonderful moments with you
have fun ~!!

Mary Mary - The Entire Garden by Sherrie JD

Family Matters by Julie Marie

Sensory Overload by Polka Dot Plum

Dulcet by Matahati Designs

How to Be Happy Every Day

Step One

Decide that you want to be happy. It sounds too simple, right? The sad truth is that many people don't actually want to be happy, though. Happy isn't dramatic. Happy isn't attention getting. Happy doesn't usually bring big bucks. You have to decide that you want to be happy more than you want the things that being unhappy or dissatisfied give you.

Step Two

Get up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I'm happy. Boy, am I happy. I'm starting the day off alive. What a terrific beginning!" Seriously, you have to expect to be happy and you have to remind yourself to take a moment to enjoy all the good things in your day.

Step Three

Accept yourself. Accept your life. The desire to keep up with the thinner, richer, more sophisticated Joneses leads to more unhappiness and stress than almost anything else. And if you could just listen in on the Joneses one day, you'd find out that they are trying to keep up with their own set of Joneses and are just as dissatisfied with their lives as you are with yours.

Step Four

Take a hard look at misery causing things. All the self talk and blessing counting in the world may not be enough to make you happy if you are working 80 hours a week for a boss who is a combination of Hitler and Simon Legree. To be happy, you may need to make a few changes. Don't expect to be instantly happy from quitting a job or ending a toxic relationship, though. To be happy every day, you need to be happy from within instead of relying on external things.

and happy reading to :)