Wednesday, February 25, 2009

more fun ! and love even more ^0^

Salam and Hi :)

Tranquility by Julie Marie

It's A Charmed Life by Matahati Designs

Firefly Lane by Ziggle Designs and Amanda Heimann Designs

Teal Time - ATC collab Sherrie JD with TANGIE

sweetlove - adam n mia
Mod Hues Paper Pack and Scenes d'Hiver by Matahati Designs

Mary Mary - The Entire Garden by Sherrie JD

my day is really fun today
we had monthy assembly at work
the funny thing was,
in the middle of the session
we had black out !!
and right after our guest finished his speech
the light went on !!
sort of sabotage ~huh~
actually no, hahahahahha
it just a regular TNB black out....
we all stuck in the hall like doing sauna thingy....hahaha

but i still happy
our deparment did good, then :)

sign off * kisses