Monday, February 7, 2011

Stay in Diet : Stay in Shape

Salam :)

I got coupon to Irene shop - a gift from Faith and love this kit
perfect for me and my journal toward becoming healthy and slim hehe
so February is running like crazy down here
as for my plan, i did struggle and still getting strong to fight

as day goes by,

1. still continue my workout session every week days 
i do 5 times a week , at 6.00 or 6.30 pm after work. I did not have any problem so far fulfilling this routine and love it as my way of vending all those stress air from work and life that day. I love my sweat pants, running shoes and yoga mat. I love the be sexy and sweat :) and during night i am feeling lighter and energetic during house work and stuffs. I am now at level 2 of Jillian's workout CD.

you can buy it at Amazon

2. still count my calorie intake must less than 2000 per day
stick and still do everyday count by key in those calories i take using
and simply using Iphone is much much much fun for me :)

Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2

images from here

3. still have 10 kg to go to drop from 98 kg to 78 kg
yay ! i did loss 8 kg starting from last November, and loving this process
slow and steady ; not relying using 'diet' products
my food for breakfast is simply a oat 3 in 1 drink by Nesvita and 4 biscuits / 3 whole meal bread
and loving it since i just have to sit at my desk and simply having a fun breakfast no more going out no where..
i have rice , veggie and fish during lunch and simply biscuit / biscuits or fruits and night..
if i am feeling like craving...i put a spoonful of Nutella to ease it.. hehe

my oat drink during breakfast

NESTUM® Fruits
going to try this one...too

images from here

my bread for breakfast

images from here

my fav biscuit for breakfast

image from here

4. having some emotion break down
yeah so true i need to talk about my journey to someone[s] i often receive 'nice' comments from friends
saying i cannot do this, diet is suck, why count calories just eat, you will not as pretty as today if you are thin, and bla bla bla...sometimes i cannot help to felt down inside and just let go of what i has started...
i just what to go back to time that i just eat all those food and never think about what the food did to my not that i dont eat that and this,,, being picky with foods and stuff..i still enjoy them but i a very moderate way...huh...tired of explaining and tired of pretend to smile...hehehe

5. and need to work on my anger managements
i am mad for no reason and sometime i just want to get mad at someone
this is very unhealthy...and i realize that i must do something to change my mood
to calm and comford feeling...last 2 weeks i started to recite Al Quran everyday and have fun with my hubby and kids after work instead of find some issue to scold them... usually because of small things...
i found myself more close to Allah now... i want to continue feeling true to myself and rethink about what i am going to act...

6. dealing good with food craving and enjoy them during weekend
we dont buy junk foods no more..and we just east simple meal
i did went to McD and enjoyed the prosperity burger last time and back home to exercise
and my weight didnt go up crazy like last time when i used 'diet' products and start to craving for all those junk foods without any controlled and believe that i can go slim again...

7. need to blog more about emotion duirng my weight loss process
this is what i am trying to do... update my blog... hehehe
i am now spend more that 20 mins just to write this entry

8. inspire my sisters and close friends to a healthy diet
2 of my sisters also on diet and exercise like i do and some of my friends are also dieting in their own ways, i love to share want i learn from this process and will continue to do that...


using The New Me by Irene Alexeera

The New Me {full kit}

xoxo thanks for reading