Thursday, February 17, 2011

Healthy Eating Plan

Salam :)

i choose to be happy today
and it did worked
i do stuffs at work, housework at home and family bonding
and i just love reading this article
so i want to share to the world
and to who didnt read about it yet

i am feeling good about myself
losing 10 kg give me a lot of hope and dream
i resetting my goals
i am in the journey to just love myself more
stay in good health to be at my kids grow up process
be with dear hubby for the rest of our live
and embrace what we have for the day

i am loving my mojo these days
the CT teams all are awesome and fun
i trying to be on time and on the release date
miggle with CT friends at the forum
at least check in 1 time a day

i am spending moments with Allah
doing my duty just for Him
just to be humble and be remind about anything
that is for me in the world
are not forever
i have Jannah to pursue, there...

come again to today's tips, ya ~

1. Right-size your portions. It’s great to eat a well-rounded meal, but make sure your portions are “right sized” rather than “supersized.” Check out the nutrition facts on packaged foods to know exactly how much food is considered one serving, then count or weigh the portion as necessary.

fliffy says : i love the idea of know your portion, i have been doing this with calorie counting so i am really aware of anything i eat for nothing comes in me loaded , i have better taste on food now and apreciate each bite rather than not having the taste and eat because everybody's eating.

2. Curb the fats (and calories) in restaurant dishes. Ask for dressing on the side and forego butter on veggies and sour cream on baked potatoes. When you place your order, request that melted butter isn’t drizzled on your broiled fish filet or other entrees.

fliffy says : when the kids is wanting for some chicken meal at KFC i am enjoying my side dishes and still have a bite of mia's chicken coz she never finished hers.. hehehe i am getting the fun of controlling my craving even though we are out at lunch at fast food...
3. Limit going out to eat (and take-out, too). If you don’t cook the food, you have less control — and knowledge — of the fat and calories in the dish. When you do go out, keep portions in mind. Even people who have portion sizes under control at home can struggle when eating at restaurants. Learn how to eyeball a 3-ounce serving of meat and a half-cup of rice, for instance, so that you can stay within average serving amounts. At restaurants, ask for a take-out container before you start eating, and put half of the meal in it for an easy lunch the next day.
fliffy says : this is so true, limited time for outing and home cook is always better choice, we did go out if i dont have classes of when the kids is behaving nice at home, just to reward them with side seeing and eating something mommy cant cook.. hehehe i wish i can bring bekal to office too but i am too lazy to wake up early and cook... maybe soon.. i'll try this
4. Count every calorie. People who eat a healthy diet can still get stuck with extra calories by nibbling here and there throughout the day. Whether it’s snacking, sampling while cooking, or “not wasting” food left on others’ plates, if you eat it, you count it. Start writing down every bite you take. You may be surprised at the weight you can lose once you keep track of every calorie.
fliffy says : yes, this is helping me like a lot ! i am having fun
5. Remember beverages. Sips of soda and juice can add up to many extra calories. A better idea is to drink regular or sparkling water throughout the day. You’ll stay hydrated and may even lose weight. Researchers at Virginia Tech found that people who drank 16 ounces of water three times a day before eating lost on average five pounds more during a three-month span than people who did not drink water before meals.
fliffy says : i have my time with orange juice and at the moment i love this one.. not too sugary and with a lot of fibre... hubby teach me to drink up juice with water to i can drink more :) and i super love plain water, and i really teach my kids to drink more plain water they getting to like it too...water distracted my mind from junk food !

6. Eat all three meals every day. For anyone trying to limit calories, skipping an entire meal (especially breakfast) can be tempting. Don’t. Going too long without food can make you excessively hungry at the next meal and cause you to overeat, consuming even more calories than you would have if you had eaten the skipped meal in the first place.
fliffy says : so so so true,, i eat when time for breakfast, lunch and dinner comes, i enjoy my rice and my food every time.. i just need to think for variation.. so i dint end up boring with foods
7. Slow down. Taking time to chew and really taste the food can help you eat less and enjoy your meal more.
fliffy says : i try to do this one..i am fast at eat... still working to be just slower... hehe
8. Eat for the right reasons. If you feel stressed, tired, or bored, it’s tempting to reach for a quick fix in the fridge or the cupboard. But this can add unnecessary calories to your waistline and ruin a healthy eating plan. Next time you find yourself craving a between-meal treat, ask yourself if you are actually hungry. If it’s hunger, satisfy it with a healthy handful of carrots, berries, or nuts. But if you’re just looking for a distraction, try going for a walk instead.
fliffy says : so true !!! i love this tips... i always satisfies my craving for chocolate with a spoonful of nutella, and fruits to replace pisang goreng and stuffs.. i i do eat it some times.. hehehe no harm i think if i just a taste :) 
9. Resist the quick fix. Diets that sound too good to be true probably are, so avoid them. “Doing fasts, purges, and other unhealthy things backfires,” says Susan B. Roberts, PhD, professor of nutrition at Tufts University in Boston, and author of The “I” Diet. “Trying to do crazy things like cookie diets doesn’t teach good eating habits.”
fliffy says : just be regular and medium size of everything
10. Don’t give up out of frustration. Even if the scale isn’t moving, keep at it. Developing new habits takes time, and the scale may not reflect your efforts immediately. Getting more active, says Roberts, can be another way to help burn calories — and see more progress.
fliffy says : yes ! get more active and mostly happy :) it will change YOU just for the day ....slow and be positive !

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xoxo ~!