Saturday, October 24, 2009

fun pages + fun faces

As Salam and Hi :)

my final exam will start next week
crab ! hehee
anyway i dont know the connection between crab and exam
dont ask.. hahaha

as for now
i would like to share some of fun pages
from recent work
have fun
c ya around, babe !

how lovely...just look into her eyes and you shall fall in love.. hehe
The Good Earth by The Scrap Orchard Designers & The Sweet Shoppe Designers

adam is so scary !!!
p/s we muslim dont celebrate Halloween and this page is just for fun expression of my son
Eek! Kit by Miss Tiina

meet my DD, mia
her sweetest smile, eva !
using Oh So Silly by Wild Dandelion Designs and meg muller designs

fun lil man,
Little Owlie by Miss Tiina