Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birdie Know-it-all contest :)

Salam and Hi :)
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Gis doing it again !

birdie know it all contest !<a href=

birdie know it all contest !<a href=

As promised!! Here it is!! The handcraft tutorial contest!!!

Please check out the guidelines and write me if you have any questions!!

(Los que hablen español y no entiendan las reglas del concurso, aquí están!)


  1. You must write a tutorial (only one entry per person) for one of the top categories, and publish it in your own blog, including in it images of you performing the actual tutorial (this to avoid tutorial duplications).
  2. Since we have an international jury, entries should be in english (or in the blogger’s language + english). Those that have problems with translations from spanish can contact me personally for help, I’d gladly will assist you.
  3. In the introduction of the tutorial post you must mention this contest, linking your readers to this post You can use if you want one of the contest banners.
  4. Once you have published the tutorial, you have to leave a link to it in the comments of this post.
  5. We will pick a winner based on the creativity of the tutorial purposed, and well as the clarity and presentation of it.
  6. All tutorials that enter the contest will remain linked from this blog under a section called Birdie “Know-it-All”, so make sure the post stays pretty in the blog And I’ll be redirecting readers to you guys!!


You have 1 1/2 month to enter this contest!! However hurry up, because we will take in consideration what people thinks of you tutorial! Deadline is December 15th, 2008!!


The prize list is bigger by the day, and we still have to divide the prizes between first and second place (so more will be posted on this soon), but you can preview here what you could win if you enter!!!

Need tutorial examples? - via CRAFT Magazine -

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enjoy !!!