Tuesday, December 2, 2008

among my 2007 layouts

salam and hi :)
i do a lot of blog hopping now days
and found out how wonderful people sharing their thought and love
of blogging
we finally found out way to channel our feeling toward things we face everyday
in life and work

these are among my early layouts (LOs)
i started using freebies to scrap my 2nd child, baby mia
enjoy the views
and as for adam he already a big boy :)

see no credit infos coz i was not aware to write it down that time..huhu





for those who love to edit photo and decorate them
not too late to start
i took me a year to be here
and decorating with fellow CT teams
enjoy and embrace the memories
slow learner is better then do not want to learn at all

Emo Comments For Hi5

hugs x muah = love