Wednesday, December 3, 2008

...after the rain

salam and hi !
i love photography
these are my take...ohh so shy to share
so amateur but i am proud of myself
although i took it with my compact digi camera
i just love the result..
i admire plant and trees
i just love to see they growing around me
i took these piccas after the rain
around my office...lucky me

i should move my name from the piccas, right
a little bit spoiled i think

i love browing through my flickr friends
wow they are amazing and rocking !


the little flower

colorful leaves

ohh, branches

pink petals

my current internet is soooooooo fast out of browsing
and that's why i am so in love
with hop-hop-hopping to other blogs (thanks guys for welcoming me)
you all are so talented in your own way
be proud of it :)
but to download..........oh my so slow.....and it really makes me mad

my computer was attacked with viruses
and my dear loving hubby
is trying real hard to move my folders
i shall scrap layouts soon :)
enjoy + hugs