Friday, December 26, 2008

cuti - cuti malaysia

Salam and hi everybody :)

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1. babah took our pic at east coast mall yesterday, just hanging around and window shopping..hehehe i bought mia's 1st bangle pink,white and purple color for only rm7.90 she love it,,and only want to wear it during outing...she also wore pink stokins with her cute asadi's shoes..adam wore his new Ben 10 T, i bought it last time at the pasar malam for only rm10
2. mia's with babah in the tunnel at the Aquaria KLCC, our dream finally came true..we went with my parents, sisters. BIL and Dina - adam and mia's cousin..the experience was unforgetable and the place is so much fun.,just for one thing the Air Cond was soooo slow and the kids were sweating all day long...we went last weekend and stayed at my sis's place
3. Adam's cute+silly face during outing at Jusco Balakong, the mall were full with people, as always do..
4. my sisters - amy, diklah, nurul (other one syidah last time accompanied me to hubby's convo was at work)
5. hubby also with silly+cute face in front on Aquaria..we took a short break and bought souvenir
6. my dear mother aka Bestfriend with mia during outing at Jusco. She bought towels and comforter there..hehe...mak mak
7. adam hugged monumen at Islamic Civilization Park. We went to the park last time during weekend going back to brought along adam and mia's 3 cousins coming from Sabah...i love the if we go with kids...a lot to explore and play..
8. i love this picture...mia and babah...enjoyed the jongkang and the kids...
10. mia loved the moved..she is so adorable...always
11. adam in front of the Crystal Mosque, Kuala Terengganu nearby the park
12. babah and the monumen...he took this photo by himself, his masterpiece
13. adam doing it cute...i took this photo yesterday at the mall
14. when we go for shopping..mia will ask to hold the plastic bag.. this time she holded the sweet corns..yum

thanks for your time to read..hugs