Friday, December 5, 2008

stay with me [ ' - ' ]

Salam and Hi :)
just be here to tell you
we are going back to my parent's house
late in the evening to celebrate raya !
be there for 4 days
but we all can be reach by email and phone

i have a lot to do in the evening
going to PC fair to buy my sis's new lappy
going to post office to claim rebate for fuel subsidy
going to buy my mum's zhulian product
as for myself
i just do plain packing...boring huh...
but most happy to be able to do things for others

last night
i went crazy cleaning and re-order
furniture at home
i am so lucky where by
my hubby helped me out with vacuuming + mopping the floor
i love the new look and feels so happy we did it together
i do not why
before i go to another place for a few days
i like to clean the house like crazy
maybe after i get back home
i really important for me to enjoy clean view
rather than see 'tunggang terbalik' home
at least i had something
for me..right

ill see you and try to scrap while away :)
love and hugs as always
thanks for your time to read me :)
me at hubby's convo last time..
everything was right accept to my old selipar...hahahaha