Tuesday, November 18, 2008

after work LOs (rewarding myself) wink*

Salam and Hi :)

I made these LOs to reward myself
for finishing to mark student's
quizzes, tests, assignments, tutorials and lab reports
wow just amazing for me to sit all day just to do it !
it really make my day and i am forcing myself
for not being procrastinator
yay ! happy me :)
i have also to attend 2 weeks course next week
so i hope thing will be settle so that i can enjoy my course :)
ill be creating LOs as usual during weekends
a really good remedy to my tiredness

images are clickable to the gallery



Kadoozie collab Kit by Amanda Kay Designs and Designz by Kristi

this kit is amazing, although we will not celebrating anything in Dec
but it already school holiday here...so happy holiday everybody :)

ok untill then :) muah + hugs