Monday, April 14, 2008

she is too adorable to look at :)

Hey, me again :) wanna share u my recent (not so recent, lol) scrap layouts for lil mia~mia that i like the most.
These are very simple layouts with close up photo that turn beautiful to my eyes. Sometimes simplicity really shows best ! Honestly, i dont have certain style of making out my layouts.

How do i do it ?
1. to select / open photo
2. have a serious look at it (i mean really serious)
3. do detailing - what the person wear, colors, background
4. what do the message that i want to visualize
5. then, i start selecting papers and embellishments - freebies of kits ~ it depend
6. i am really good at mix and match
7. one thing for sure - i like to experiment with colors..usually i adore bright colors and PINK for my dear daughter(DD)
8. i just simple cut out / crop to the photos - nothing really fancy, sometimes i just frame it, shadow it, soften the edges of give effect to the photos..
9. if i am happy - i usually save as my project as .png and jpeg. files
10. finally, upload them to my flickr (that i hubby gave it to my last year..1 full year account)
11. copy all the files name to give credits to the designer :) do ever forget that, ok

i hope i can share more :) thanks for reading

~ the layouts credits go to ~

mia~mia film strip :
paper_ornateand paper_scallop by Ami Collofello, SOL_clusterfreebie by Cinnamon Designs, Bloc_notes by kawouette

magical mia~mia :
paper by ksharonk, magical emblishment by Dale Ann Cubbage

fun faces :
shabby princess promise freebies

cute :
flora bow and paper by pameladigitreats
pink note pad and glitter doddles by Liz Pike
word art by mjbdigiscrap