Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RAK from Karen :)

This is a Rak for Fliffy,(Hope ya like it)

Most Goodies from cinnamon-designs

Background Paper ~ Cardstock Neutrals
Ribbons ~ Ultimate Flat Pack
Flowers ~ Spring Caprice Elements
Stitching ~ Ultimate Flat Pack
Staples ~ Ultimate Flat Pack

String ~ Natalie Braxton {Swirly Whirly Strings}
Photo Mat ~ Birgit Kerr {Grab bag}
Taxt on a path ~ Natali Design {Playing With Text Paths}

Quote by Pamela Clark

Hi all, my cinnamon design's friend, dear karen is my swap partner for this month LO-swap
her work is so lovely and classy which i adore :) thanks dear, i'll make it up to you after
my exam tomorrow :)

[im loving it]