Saturday, September 25, 2010

hold on...

Salam and hi :)

my recent works
and more to come
plus another CT
will reveal about it soon

i hope you all is enjoying your weekend
with family or friend..
as long as you love being with them
that's awesome
we are very lucky
and there are others who not,
so be thankful
stay close to God :)

see ya !

photo taken by iphone, i had to make this one mini
because of it small resolution :) turned out cute, tho

photo edited by iphone polaroid application
she was actually ready to go to an open house

photo edited using flickr toy
our family last eid

credits :

Beloved Colors by Ju Oliveira

Fall Friendship by Faith True

by Miss Tiina
by Miss Tiina
by Miss Tiina

love and hugs !