Sunday, September 19, 2010

the joy of Eid 2010

Salam and hi :)

i love the Eid mosaic
thanks flickr for the tool
make it so easy
we were happy and proud to be meeting
Ramadhan and Syawal together this year
i love being with families
and looking forward to celebrate again next year
i was so happy that adam did his fasting so well
and i was so happy i cooked the meals mostly by myself
i was happy to look at my dearest hubby and kids liked it
very true that cooking do make your family closer..
and i thank Allah for your generous gifts of love
i was so happy i did not spend till i drop this year
i keep some saving
i do moderate spending...
hubby, adam and i eat healthy and lose some weight
i am so far of feeling skinny but i do hope i can stay fit
i missed Ramadhan so much..

and lots of hugs

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