Sunday, March 1, 2009

week 8 2009 of project 365

Salam and Hi everybody :)

how's your weekend ?

as for me here
i had test this morning
and no class afterward
my lecturer postponed the class :)
i am really happy and headed home safe
then did some house cleaning here and there

i am so tired and had to do something
yap..i scrap again this afternoon
and now i am feeling so sleepy...

these are my photos for week 8
enjoy ~

1. 210209 2. 220209 3. 230209 4. 240209 5. 250209 6. 260209 7. 270209

1. my stuffs
2. she is so sleepy..
3. ISO auditors
4. kak izah, my officemate
5. mas, me, nor
6. books from the library
7. mia and Geng the movie poster

my pick of the week :)


last friday after work
we went for outing at megamall
we ate chicken rice and bought a bucket of popcorn
at the cinema entry
oh yum !!!
adam n babah watched Geng the movie last week
(our local animated film)
i am so scared to bring Mia too
so this week we just look at the poster for Mia... hahaha
adam was his 1st time at the cinema
when he went with babah
he was so scared because of the big movie and huge sound effect...
he even cried when i asked how was the movie... hahahaha
after a while then he started to tell us about it..
overall, my hubby said the movie was AWEsome !

hugs ~