Saturday, June 6, 2009

happy and away, again !

As salam and hi !

we are taking a break
and be away to PJ soon
so i am spending time online
checking my CT forums and such..
the weather is cloudy, thanks God
after 3 days of hot sun in Terengganu,,
be hey, love the fresh odour of clothes at the 'ampaian'
kan kan.. alhamdulillah lah jugak, ye

the happy news are :

1. my layout is featured in TDS, awww.. thanks Z
read it more here
and details here

featured in TDS

so happy i print screet it !
for huge image click here

2. i got permanent spot in Amy Sumrall CT

amy's cts

and it is official, yeah ! (click banner to go to Amy's blog)

ok.. i am enjoying my blog's songs..
errmm going to cuddle somebody, hah !