Friday, July 31, 2009

1+1 = birthdays and fun !

As Salam and Hi :)

i am fasting today
and will be 5 hours++
till my dinner

here recent work scrap from me
nothing much to day but
thanks a lot for your kindness and love

happy viewing !


my adam turned 4 last june 14th
my mia turned 2 last june 13th


what else can i ask for ?
thanks God for both HappYness

using the August Mega at scrap orchard
Confetti and Cupcakes

aheimann-adsr-paper1 copy
BFF collabs at scrap orchard by Irene Alexeeva, Pineapple Plantation Designs, Matahati Designs, Polka Dot Plum, Designs by Sine, Elegant WordArt by Bethany, Amanda Heimann Designs, and Ziggle Designs

RAK for lisa

Give my daughter wings to fly
In azur skies, o’er mountain high
When I’m gone and laid to rest
And grasses grow above my breast
No stone will lay within their hearts
But high above where swallow darts
Soft wings but strong will lead them on
And earth’s fast fury just a song

Give my daughter roots to stand
In earthy soil, not shifting sand
When winds may sway may they not break
When branches bend and leaves all shake
But stronger grow with every storm
For sun will surely come and warm
Each bud and branch and leaf and all
And soul will sing and heart will call

Poet : Cathy O'rourke grousset, France

using using LCC by Amy Stoffel
Thank You For This Day Kit