Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mummy Won !

As Salam and Hi :)

i won Baiboo slogan contest !
this is fun :)

The THREE WINNERS for the BaiBoo Facebook Group Slogan Contest are….

(1) Fliffy Shaifful
(2) Karen Michael
(3) Kaymee Chong

I am an awesome BaiBoo mom because… (not more than 30 words)

1. Complete the above slogan in the most creative manner.
2. Post your entry on the BaiBoo Facebook Group wall.

3 sets of Eucerin gift hampers PLUS a BabyFirst VCD entitled “Cognitive Beginnings” to be given away! (Value RM 120 each) (view prize here)

I am an awesome BaiBoo mom because…
'saya mengenali anak melalui diri sendiri, sentiasa riang dan berlari,
setiap masa tidak sendiri, kerana anak-anak sentiasa di sisi

kelakar, kan ! hehehe

thanks for reading
happy to share news with you :)

fliffy's layout

my hubby and kids at the sea side
Masks Love WordArt Pack by Elegant WordArt by Bethany

using frame and paper from :
Lil' Lady by Ziggle Designs

fliffy's layout

i am hosting an AD Challenge here
Get Your Happy On kit
LCC by Amy Stoffel