Monday, January 18, 2010

my January ^V^

As Salam and Hi :)

happy things happened in this month
i got my 1st photobook ever
i got to stay in my fav lecture classes
adam already in his kindergarden
surviving and studying
damia is happy lil pinky girl
she love attention and get spoil all the time around us
things is going so well with love life and work
i manage to set goals and determine to fulfill
i wish my place now is closer to Allah
i hope to continue to be good wife and mummy
i hope to serve Allah with all my heart
i really is having tough time to scrap
i dont even spend more to take pictures
i want to steal some time
i am so happy approaching 30 next week
i have a lot of plan and dream
hope and wishes

thanks for just being here
hope your dreams and hope
will be reality soon
stay strong :)





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