Monday, April 26, 2010

you make me smile all day (:

Salam and Hi :)

we have rain all day today
i love the coolness of air
and the cloudy + windy breeze
it make me smile
and want to cuddle someone

as much as i am enjoying my day
first of working day,
i am so bless.....
i see smiling faces today
my students become graduates today
oh these are remembrance

my kids are smiling too
i have all the smiles i needed
for the day
and i will for sure
sleep in deep smiling face

Subhanallah :)

luv !




working with :

Lolly Kids Kit (Reloaded) by Armina Designs

Fairy Flight Collab by Faith True & Victoria Feemster

Little Conductor by Faith True

you can smile for the day too
go, and cuddle someone !