Saturday, June 12, 2010

happy moments.. live in me

Salam and Hi :)

hope you all are feeling great
and spend quality time during your weekend
as for me,
everything looking so good

using his products are so much fun
look what i did with Re Kneipp Designs
hope you like it

i always love looking at this photo
adam and hubby were trying to give kisses to lil mia
and she looked so grace in her own way..
she will always be my lil one :)

another moment with by babies
during the time adam dan mia have each other
special bonding they have
is growing ever since
i hope they can look after themselves
when they grow up...soon

some photos at the gelora park
they just love hanging out
...and me too, actually

credits :
Do You Love Me? Kit by Re Kneipp Designs & Jacque Larsen
So Cute! Kit by Re Kneipp Designs
Picture Me! Collab by Re Kneipp Designs

thanks for coming :)