Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weight Loss Journey : Day 1

Salam and Hi :)

today i decided to work it through...

i did my plan last time to shy to share with others afraid of people saying this and that...

and i didnt work out..i hate myself..this is not me...

i really need a change my mind require healthier body...

so i am sharing with you ,....

my weight lose journey. i use the help of herbalife actually..

my bff recommend the products for me..

but i dont want to totally rely on that...

i watch the biggest loser...

i need daily exercise...

please share your tips with me :)

i really need you beside me :)

today diary...i will write more at my FB

8 am - 1 pm

had a healthy shake for breakfast... already finished 1.5 l of water

clean the toilet

signed up free at : mynetdiary (thanks pd)

my achievements

(at least 1 entry per day)

finished another 1.5 l of water

give rabbits some veggies

installing itunes at home pc (to get iphone mynetdiary application)

doing this fun exercise

2 - 4 pm

movie time with hubby n the kids

going to buy some fitness cereal to replace my lunch

meet up with my parents

6 - 7 pm

walk and jog around the neightbourhood

drink more waters

no food tonight.. (can i do it ?)

confession of the day :

motivate and feeling really happy that i can tell :) yup 98kg to 78kg

inspiring story

xoxo !