Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the fun continues :) my big CT so far

Salam and Hi !
Im back with more LOs
thanks for coming and your doa to my late uncle
Al Fatihah to him
(pakcik mahir passed away on the 3rd ramadhan)
my internet connection is always in ups and downs situation..
although we have a serious broadband and wireless at the campus
it never help me out..
but hey, something go so slowly and yet to be done in time
so enjoy the views :)

I am going big and fun
made it through to become CT member of Scrapmatters
this is really one dream came true again..
i am reaching for the stars..i just love doing what i love :)
M featured my work at Malaysian Scrapping Society blog > read more !
i am so happy and hope to inspired all my way..

me with my sister, during my hubby's graduation ceremony..
look how cubby i am

my hubby and me at the Zoo Negara

both LOs from Raspberry Tart and Lavender Dream by ScrapShana


this is fun right ! Fruity Freshness by Becky Vosburg


1st LO as Scrapmatters CT member.. Miss Little Sunshine by Misschifis


i just love the kit everything's from Ever After by Matahati Design