Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011 , 2010 in review


Today i accidentally surprise my self
to do whole make over to my blog
as i love the color of pink so much (color for my previous blog)
i really need a change
i really just need to grow up and be fun,

so let's start the review for 2o10
i really dont have much to write about
but still i am trying my best here..
i need some photo to refresh my mind
it worked that way

i am still with 2 amazing kids
thinking of start pregnant again
but for this year we agreed to hold..

we had ups and downs in relationship
marriage needed a team work
we continue to grow as one in heart
although some time difficulty struck us
we still have each others
until now
this year we really want to work it out
healthy mind and body relationship
hoping to bloom next year
hoping the trust and honestly
will make our love stronger

i got the iphone ,
bought it on the 24th of may
hubby got his htc desire
i loving the style the application
i love to just touch and be close to my phone
i love the photo
i missed my broken sony camera
but i still can stay with iphone camera
although the resolution is pour
not bad for blogging, then
and for small image in the layouts :)
my iphone broke after 3 months
the replace the brand new one
and still rocking until today !

adam had blast at kinder
did well in his exams
still need some improvement in studies
he is becoming a young man
funny and full of imaginations
damia is leaving her nanny
going to kinder this monday :)
damia is spoil hehehe
with love and always need some attention
from us
i love it
i just want to hold and kiss her everyday
she smells like yogurt hehehehehehe

hubby will be working at the new high school
he had rough time at Pekan last time
1 hour of driving at 6am really put him into stress
but now we all can smile
for the new school will only take about 15 mins to arrive
life will be easier for him :)

what about me..
i decided to go for healthy body
my weight was 98kg last august
i did start doing routine on calories counting and workouts
i am 92 kg right now
i want it to be steady and slow process
as i want to be 78kg in oct 2011
i hope i can keep up that way
so i can stay fit for myself and be stronger in the inside
increase my level of health and prettiness :) hehehee

my fav photo of 2010 :

on our wedding day,
this will be forever...

my fav layout in 2010 :
Retro Spring Collab Kit by Armina Designs and A+ Designs

what will be in 2011 :

- i will lose 20 kg
- hubby will be much in love with me :)
- adam will read
- mia will be talkative
- we will have our new home
- work and study will be fun

i have to think more...
until now

have a brighter day for tomorrow
everybody deserve it

hugs and love