Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to Stay on a Diet (my way)

Salam :)

i love this article and want to share with you
if you are with me
trying so hard to lose weight
trust me, we can achieve if we set our goal
clearly and make it achievable

Things You'll Need:

  • The desire to lose weight and maintain good eating habits.

  • 1 - Go to your doctor or dietitian and get a proper balanced diet plan that will include all the nutrients you require for your ideal weight, and will coincide with your personal health needs
    i met a dietitian and get my understand in diet plan long time ago,
    i didn't realize the importance of nutrients
    until i studied more online and use application to analysis what i eat

  • 2 - Keep a daily list of every single thing that goes into your mouth, and include the calories for each
    i am using and get myself into a discipline to key in everything i eat so that i am aware of anything i put inside my mouth, i know this is sound very boring but hey i loving it.. i look for calories content and see foods like a numbers to add up to my total need of calories count day by day

  • 3 - Measure everything accurately; do not guess the portions
    i did search for particular food for calories content especially Malaysian home made food
    then, i add in the food name in my iPhone application.. being picky with foods now days
    more info please read at :) discovered today !

  • 4 - Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day, and stay away from canned or frozen juices as they are exceptionally high in carbs and calories
    i am big fan of plain water, i can drink up to 1500ml water from 8 to 10 am easily
    some time when i am out this become really difficult because i need to find clean toilet..
    hate to pee at dirty disgusted one.. yuck !

  • 5 - Always begin your day eating one fresh fruit about ten minutes before breakfast. This puts your body into high metabolism and then balanced eating and exercise for the remainder of the day will keep it there.
    fresh fruit before breakfast ...hrmmm i need to try this one too... never had fruit before breakfast..
    i like it as afternoon snack...and loving my workout.. i do 20 mins of low body impact workouts on weekdays taking 1 day off on saturday or sunday... my mind going to set the time and my body is getting comfortable with workout :) chaiyyok me :)

  • 6 - ONLY eat when you have set yourself a formal place setting at your table. This alleviates unconscious snacks in between meals.
    this is very helpful... i just cant wait for nice lunch and healthy food... when i am craving for something sweet like chocolate and ice cream.. i did consume once a week to just giving myself a surprise present :)

  • 7 - Eat 4-5 smaller meals a day rather than three big ones. This keeps your metabolism high because it drops considerably when you are hungry.
    this is super true ! i did try skipping meals but i got worst i even ate junk food to refill my body.. :(

  • 8 - Give your hands something to do during television viewing such as knitting, crocheting or doodling until the habit of snacking is broken.
    i need my lappy and a bottle of plain water just to distract my mind to just bite something,, but i do love to eat plain biscuit or have a pitch of Nutella to chill ~

  • 9 - Have one cheat day a week that will prevent your body from adjusting to your new eating habits.
    yes yes , i did cheat... i had keropok goreng and cekodok just to have a pretty reminder of my comfort food..

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    thanks for reading !
    have a healthy day today :)


    my photo of hiding behind my kids (taken June 11, 2009 )
    this year i will not hiding anymore.. no more hehe

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