Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dealing With Stress

Salam :)

I am feeling a little bit of stress out right now
i am the worst - when it come to dealing with stress
i can go either crazy or totally in silent mode
i hate that i had to deal with jammed
back from work, i was stuck in ridiculous jammed situation
for almost an hour and went near to panic attack
i hate this feeling
i am a kind of girl that live in the most calm surrounding ever
i know this may sound small matter to you
but it is not for me
i almost cried
and i want to tell everyone

back home
all i think is i missed my workout today
i need to settle to wash clothes
to fold clothes
to get kids stuffs at the 'launch pad'
to hang the clothes (inside) due to rain
to make sure i dont miss a thing for tomorrow


i am tired
and .... more

i forgot ONE more important thing to do today
and some body cannot accept that
when it happened to him
i do back him up

hate this emotion
hate to deal with stress
i felt so 'left out'

if i choose not to do those things
i will blame myself
how bad i am
and how low my self esteem will be....

i just need some serious time out

they said :

Change the way you see your situation; seek alternative viewpoints
Stress is a reaction to events and problems, and you can lock yourself in to one way of viewing your situation. Seek an outside perspective of the situation, compare it with yours. and perhaps lessen your reaction to these conditions.
read more

Be aware of your choices; you always have a choice.
This is true for emotions and work. Sometimes you need to let your emotions out but still stay in control. read more

    Assertiveness - don't say yes to everything. If you can't do something well, or if something is not your responsibility, try to seek ways of not agreeing to do them. read more
    Express your feelings instead of bottling them up. If something or someone is bothering you, communicate your concerns in an open and respectful way. If you don’t voice your feelings, resentment will build and the situation will likely remain the same. read more

Time for me -
This is where you shut the world out and indulge yourself in some serious relaxation. Use candles and oil burners to create a nice atmosphere in your room. Tell the rest of the world to go take a hike and put on some calming music and kick-back with a good read, or watch a decent movie or solve a jigsaw puzzle or a quiz and you can even add-in something nice to eat! Taking a nice hot bath beforehand would be a superb addition. Once more, the aim is to indulge yourself in your present and place the outside world on hold. read more

    Tips for dealing with stress

    Don't worry about things you can't control, such as the weather.

    Solve the little problems. This can help you gain a feeling of control.

    Prepare to the best of your ability for events you know may be stressful, such as a job interview.

    Try to look at change as a positive challenge, not as a threat.

    Work to resolve conflicts with other people.

    Talk with a trusted friend, family member or counselor.

    Set realistic goals at home and at work. Avoid overscheduling.

    Exercise on a regular basis.

    Eat regular, well-balanced meals and get enough sleep.


    Participate in something you don't find stressful, such as sports, social events or hobbies.

i hope these will help as i dont want to read anymore
still sharing is caring :)
i will study about these later

now is time for ME

photo therapy for today,

001 035
049 040
014 010

break through !