Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun with Nikki Epperson Collabs :)

Salam :)

her kits is always amazing and she did 2 collabs
this month ! what a fun way to play

here you go :


she was concentrating at her BR yummy ice cream
she even talked to herself
i adore this moment as i look back
she is now...a big girl
and she decided that.....
mummy i never can share my BR to you ok !
go away hehehee


how i did this..very fun !
i just print screen my flickr set
and here you go the whole bunch of photos in spite seconds !
i love the page...crazy and creative like my :)
enjoy ~ the fullest and brightest !

credits :

A Girl Named Trouble by Jennifer and Nikki Epperson
Tracker Keeper by Nikki Epperson and Heather Hess