Monday, January 17, 2011


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Peluang ada pada setiap manusia dengan adil. Bezanya, orang berjaya dapat lihat peluang itu sebagai peluang lalu mereka berusa mengerjakannya sementara yang kurang berjaya itu melihat peluang itu sebagai sesuatu yang bukan peluang lalu ia terbiar begitu sahaja dan mengeluh..."mengapa peluang tidak datang kepadaku".Saiful Nang

I am super excited to introduce the next photographer
he is very humble and super creative

the person that i cannot wait to feature the owner of :

MPA (UK), WPJA (USA), WPPI, B.Sc Media

(the blog header - pelase do not copy or claim the photo as yours)
credits : Mr Saiful Nang - the photographer, blogger, entrepreneur and many more :)

he is also the :

CEO / Principal
Colours of Asia Sdn Bhd
- CandidSyndrome Int (Brand)

Ahli Lembaga Pengarah
(Tabung Kebajikan dan Bantuan Pemulihan Perubatan Persatuan Doktor-doktor Alumni USM)

Principal of Academy

Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin,
Sg. Ramal Baru, Kajang
(Rumah Asnaf dan pusat kajian Sains Manusia)


1. Can you tell me about yourself ?

I'm a visual artist and I've chosen camera as my tool of arts

2. What make you fall in love with photography ?

I love film and I studied film back in 1996. But that was the time where film technology was
so expensive. Photography was the alternative and it's actually the root of motion pictures (film)
and I decided to give a go to it. And...that's why I'm here

3. Can you please list down 5 tools that are essential for a photographer ?

- Eyes
- Idea
- Heart
- Passion
- Camera

4. What are the basic requirements should a newbie has to be a photographer ?

When I was a newbie, I didn't even have my own camera. The only things I have is
the idea. Borrowed a friend's camera, shoot to prove to the people our idea is different.
Then exhibit your works online. People who might love your picture will keep on supporting
you to make you able to buy your own camera and develop your career.

5. Can you please show us your most memorable photos and why ?

I can't be bias on that. I'm a wedding shooter and all my clients are special on their own
unique way. Each one of them having their own perception of memorable picture ;)

Thanks for the feature ;)


i just a regular blogger
but his willing to just reply
and put his heart to answer my questions
is unexpected ! apart from his hectic schedule and all
i really look up for him TQ Mr Saiful Nang

please visit his blog and be the Fan !