Wednesday, January 19, 2011

photo therapy for the day

Salam :)

nice meeting you here today
my day when smooth
how about yours ?
sharing some photo i took
this time with Instagram iphone application
leaving lomolomo behind and uninstall it due to instability
and Instagram community is super inspiring

i love looking the soft face of Mia
with her friend..Mr Moo and kitty
Mr Moo been with us forever
we had Mr Moo since Mia was baby last time
Kitty is new
we got it at our last lunch outing at ECM for 13.90

they dont like each others yet
Mr Moo and Kitty need more time
to get to know each others

got the frebie calendar from miss Azahskaliskala
i am amazed by the calendar it self and the envelope
she actually drew it all :O)

i love this road
straight and a lot of trees
simply stunning..

009 (2)
i had lai chi kang yesterday
wah super duper full of fibres and stuffs
very yummy and just by looking at it
i felt so happy hehe

010 (2)
tried another kuey tiaw ladna at different restaurant
not bad for the taste but a little bit masin for me
i just love cooked veggie and some seafoods
yam yam !

see you tomorrow :O)