Monday, January 3, 2011

1st day officially in kindergarden


Adam and Mia geared up for 1st day officially at kinder
All went smooth and early in the morning
hubby went out like before 7 am
and i went out with our kids at 7.19 am
miscommunication happened
Adam supposed to get in the van we hire for school
same with the secondary children
earlier than 7.15 am
i took both of them at mia's kinder
where Adam suppose to be picked up
i found this is hard
for Mia because she will be ready too early in the morning
so to be safe, tomorrow adam will be pick up infront of our home
before 7.15 am and Mia will be happy to send my me,,
at 7.30 am direct to her kinder

during today's lunch break
i watched adam gone back from his kinder
the van is already there before 12.00 (end of kinder time)
adam walked out from the kinder place
opened his cute umbrella
walked toward his van..
what a relief feeling...

funny thing that
he didnt want to share his umbrella with one of his friend
when he walked out the kinder place
he said, No ! this is my umbrella...go there..
poor thing the kid, left
i should told him to be nicer to others
and sharing umbrella is one of the nice thing to do

my kids is growing... huhu

Ya Allah kepada aku memohon perlindungan

can't wait for evening to come
and hug them,